PokerMemento Adds Game Anonymizer

Date: 2012-04-26
Author: David Huber

PokerMemento, a program that allows online poker players to publish replays of hand histories on sites such as YouTube, has released its latest update. Version 2.1 places a great deal of emphasis on a new PokerMemento feature called the Game Anonymizer. This nifty tool adds a new generation to hand history sharing by scrambling sensitive screen names.

The Game Anonymizer gives players the option to scramble screen names that were involved in the actual hand in question. Due to a crackdown by PokerStars on companies that publish third-party hand history information, the Game Anonymizer ensures that players will be able to publicly display replays of actual online action without fear of repercussion and, at the same time, protecting others' privacy.

When sharing games via social media, Version 2.1 of Poker Memento can scramble screen names along with the game or tournament number. The only screen name that cannot be altered is the hero's nickname. This can be done before any game is shared.

The advantages of such a feature are numerous, and thanks to PokerMemento's pre-designed database of 4,000 male and female names, opponents at the table will be shown as one of the archived names instead of their real nickname. You can also pick your own name to use.

For example, if you were playing in a heads-up match against a well-known poker player, you could change his screen name to something like "John Doe" and then publish the hand history without having to expose the actual game number, tournament number, or registered site name.

This takes the entire question of publishing sensitive content out of consideration and enables players to freely publish hands as they wish on YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter.

If any Poker Memento customer ever hesitated to share games because sensitive information would be available to the public, he no longer needs to worry, as the game and all sensitive information can be scrambled at will.

The new Version 2.1 also includes support for the Memento Network, which has its own customized type of hand history files that contains simplified syntax compared to other hand histories. This makes it possible to recreate poker games that might have taken place live, or even made up hand history situations.

Now, you can actually create a proverbial hand history situation, place fake names as opponents, and publish as you please. Have you ever wondered how it would look to have pocket aces face off against pocket aces, pocket kings, pocket queens, pocket jacks, and pocket tens in an all-in pre-flop situation? Thanks to this new feature of PokerMemento, you can create a hypothetical hand history and publish it for all to see.

The new customization options for the PokerMemento Version 2.1 add quite a bit of value to the program, which has already made online poker headlines for its ability to publish real hand histories for all to view, regardless of whether an individual is a seasoned pro or simply a poker fan.

Poker Memento is a 100% free software application that can be downloaded for Windows or Android mobile devices. Share your favorite poker hands with your friends and create videos to publish on YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter with Poker Memento. All it takes to make full use of this application is a registered account name on all three compatible social media outlets. For more information and to download the program, visit

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