PokerTableStats Adds New Hand Ranges and Support

Date: 2012-04-08
Author: David Huber

PokerTableStats, an online poker program that provides real-time statistics across many sites, added hand ranges in the "Rank Calculation" area. This new PokerTableStats functionality allows online poker players to use PokerStove and Karlsson Sklansky hand range calculations instead of the "One vs. One All-In" default hand rank.

The Karlsson Sklansky hand range ranking chart varies slightly from traditional methods of calculating which hole cards are more powerful than others and assumes a different range of calling percentages by opponents. All hand ranking charts place pocket aces as #1 and pocket kings as #2 when it comes to starting hands in Texas Hold'em, but the Karlsson Sklansky System ranks A-K suited ahead of pocket queens as #3 and A-K off ahead of pocket tens and pocket jacks.

Players who use PokerTableStats while competing at the virtual tables will now be able to choose between the default "One vs. One All-In" method of calculating hand ranges and the Karlsson Sklansky System.

Another improvement that Poker Table Stats has made is that the program is compatible with the latest changes. This fix became necessary once some players' accounts were moved from to the client, which made many HUD-based software applications temporarily useless for those who were participating on the dot-eu client. Having the ability to view real-time stats on Poker Table Stats will give users the same advantages as other PokerTableStats customers who are playing from a different location outside of the European Union.

PokerTableStats offers a unique service that focuses on providing real-time information that players can use while competing at the online tables. It gives the number of outs to make specific hands, automated pot odds calculations, and a very easy to read HUD.

PokerTableStats gives graphic representation of hand strength, shows opponents' mucked cards, identifies opponents' styles of play, and is compatible with both Hold'em Manager and PokerTracker. It also stores database statistics on its own servers in a cloud, which ensures users will never lose important data due to hardware malfunction or PC loss. The statistics can be accessed anywhere in the world on any computer provided that the customer has a user name, password, and internet connection.

There are three price levels for PokerTableStats. The Basic plan runs $5.99 per month, but does not include the HUD that displays opponent stats in real-time. The Professional version costs $7.99 per month and includes the HUD along with cloud data storage, while the Gold package includes priority customer support and all previous updates.

All plans include a two-day trial period in which the subscription can be cancelled without any cost to the customer. This ensures that new PTS users are able to try the program out before committing to a full purchase plan. PokerTableStats also offers occasional discounts for members who purchase several months or one year of the service in one payment. The application is constantly being improved and boasts new features every few months.

To find out more about the new features to PokerTableStats program and to download the program and begin using the real-time information it offers, visit our Poker Table Stats review.

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