TeelXp Launches Simple Nash Calculator

Date: 2012-04-28
Author: David Huber

In today's online poker world, players are looking for every edge, every new study tool, and every innovative method of improving their skills they can find in an effort to increase their hourly win rate. Enter the new Simple Nash calculator created by Two Plus Two member "TeelXp," which provides users with a free tool to assist them with making the best possible decisions at the virtual tables when competing deep in sit and go tournaments.

The Simple Nash calculator is similar to an application available at HoldemResources.net. However, the Simple Nash Independent Chip Modeling (ICM) calculator is generally quicker with its computations. The program, which is currently in Beta, can be downloaded for free and all suggestions and comments are welcome.

Three-way calculations can be implemented while using this tool and all results will be displayed, including ties. The Simple Nash Calculator user can also manually override ranges in order to perform customized configurations. The program is designed to calculate the equilibrium range during sit and go situations in which the "Push or Fold" strategy is the most logical. The most optimal chip amount to have in order to enjoy the full benefit of these calculations is less than 15 big blinds.

The way this tool works is that it allows a player to input hand ranges in certain sit and go situations and then calculates his "Chip Equity" in order to provide a simple answer of whether it is best to Push or Fold in a given predicament. The calculation can also be turned around to decide when it is best for a player to Call an opponent's all-in shove deep in a tournament.

By providing an equity percentage, a player can decide which course of action to take. However, it is important to point out that the actual hand ranges must be provided by the user, meaning that the accuracy of this calculator (and all ICM calculators) depend directly on the player's ability to assess opponents' hand ranges.

If the player has a solid idea of an opponent's range, these calculations will go a long way toward improving his bottom line. On the other hand, if the Simple Nash calculator's user is unfamiliar with a particular opponent and forced to make a rough guess on the range, the end result will not be as accurate.

The Simple Nash calculator is meant mostly for offline study rather than real-time implementation. Due to the quicker calculation time of this tool, it may be possible to perform certain calculations in real-time, but that ability is not very realistic for a professional sit and go player who may be competing at 10 or more tables at once.

Basically speaking, the more a player practices his hand range reading skills and the more he studies these kinds of calculations, the better idea that player will have on whether a Push, Fold, or Call is appropriate.

The program's creator, "TeelXp," has expressed interest in taking users' suggestions and improving the application so it can be used more effectively by a larger number of online poker players. Check out Sit and Go tools and online poker odds calculators that PokerSoftware has reviewed.

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