Tournament Parser Addresses PokerStars Audit Change

Date: 2012-04-12
Author: David Huber

Tournament Parser, a program that parses your online poker tournament information and allows customers to post rails to forums, has released its newest version, 2.94, which includes a number of updates. Version 2.94 was made available to the public by Tournament Parser creator "whitecow" earlier this month and features a fix for the PokerStars Audit file change, which previously affected winnings of $1,000 and over.

In a recent TwoPlusTwo forum thread in which a PokerStars customer pointed out the incorrect data caused by the online poker site's Audit file change, "whitecow" replied that although CSV files are sent comma delimited by PokerStars, apostrophes are being used to separate monetary figures into thousands, millions, etc.

This, in effect, creates major issues when viewing using any program that parses the CSV file. For example, in the past, a four-digit whole number dollar amount would appear as $1100, but now it appears as $1,100. Due to this newest update to Tournament Parser, users will no longer have to be concerned about how this will alter monetary data.

The development team has been hard at work giving customers various updates in the last 60 days, including Version 2.92, which was released in late March. That version included support for rakeback on the iPoker, Merge, and Cake Poker networks. In order to activate this feature, Tournament Parser customers only have to go to the "Rail" tab and click the box to "Include Rakeback." A separate menu will appear that will allow you to input the rakeback percentage in order to direct the program to automatically calculate the revised number.

Loyal Tournament Parser customers have been pleased with an entirely new feature released by developer "whitecow" that came packaged in Version 2.90, which was released on March 17th. Cash game tracking was added for the Merge Network, which shows a new direction for Tournament Parser that could result in online poker players making use of the rail-enabled program not only for tournaments, but also for cash games.

The ability to use Tournament Parser with PartyPoker was added in March in Version 2.89. In order to use the program with PartyPoker, choose "My Account," "Transaction History," "Tournament Buy-In History for Completed Tournaments," and complete the information requested.

Then, copy that information, open Tournament Parser, click "Paste History File" in the "PartyPoker" menu and then press the "OK" button. Once you've filtered out any tournaments that are not needed, then click the "Rail" tab to generate your rail. Deals on PokerStars were addressed in Version 2.87, so those who wind up chopping tournaments will no longer have their profit-based results affected when using Tournament Parser.

For potential customers who have not used Tournament Parser before, the program is very affordably priced and can save an enormous amount of time for players, who will be able to report their statistics without doing a lot of manual work. Tournament Parser allows you to concentrate the vast majority of your time on making actual decisions at the online poker tables instead of having to perform tedious accounting work.

Subscriptions begin at $3 for one month, six months for $15, one year for $25, and two years for $40. Stakers who would like to purchase a bulk batch of licenses can contact "whitecow" by emailing Check out our Tournament Parser review for more details.

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