PKR Adds Multiple Windows

Date: 2012-07-21
Author: Dan Cypra

In its most recent software update, which was released this week, PKR has added the ability to open multiple windows, which should be well received by the multi-tabling community. Now, players on PKR, an independent online poker room, can open up to nine real money table windows at a time.

Site officials note that you can cascade, tile, resize, and arrange them "to suit your preference, alongside additional casino game and mini-game windows. Multi-table options can be found in the top right of your table screen."

PKR has dubbed the ability to open up to nine windows at once a "game-changer for multi-tablers," which is certainly not hyperbole. The latest version of PKR is 2.08 and, in it, you can resize and drag and drop windows as you see fit. The action at each table will transpire simultaneously, so the only limit to how many tables you can open is how fast you can keep up with folding, calling, raising, and shoving all-in.

In Version 2.08, PKR also added virtual drinks, which include pints of lager, tequila shots, and Mojitos. You can purchase virtual drinks using your hard-earned PKR Points. Images shown on a publicity video on PKR's website show virtual players swirling glasses of wine and drinking an orange-looking beverage. PKR's software has a look and feel that is eerily similar to real life, so the experience you'll get on the online poker room is certainly quite unique.

If you play on PKR or have ever seen a screen shot of the room in action, then you know that its environments are central to the user experience. As part of Version 2.08 of PKR, site officials announced, "Fans of PKR's many vibrant environments will welcome the arrival of a new place to showcase your skills - the Luxury Yacht room."

The Luxury Yacht room looks pretty swank and includes a PKR-branded table right next to a small pool. A city's skyline graces the background of one shot and the game appears to take place at night. There's also a day version of this environment, which is definitely quite unique in the online poker world.

"A new 'My Seat' camera angle, table chat panel redesign, and a revamp of the emote controls are among other features included in our award winning software's latest release," lauded PKR. In the future, look for a beta version of a Hand Replayer, which will add another extremely useful tool to every PKR players' arsenal.

Several players left comments on PKR's website about their encounters with the new software, including one who wrote, "Great update guys. Now PKR is more fun than ever. Very useful the classification of emotes. So funny with buying drinks and drinking them. Great way to spend all these tenths of thousands of useless PKR points we've gathered. Very impressive the graphics of the Yacht environment as well."

Other posters were having issues navigating the cascading and tiling of windows. One person who successfully figured out the new feature wrote, "Love the multiple tiling table thing. Finally I can move around the tables as I please and have the lobby open. Getting more volume in. Good going PKR."

Getting more volume in is perhaps the biggest benefit to players of being able to open multiple windows. In theory, if a player opened up nine windows, they'd be able to get nine times as many hands in and, therefore, work off bonuses and rack up points much faster. More tables could also add to a person's bottom lines if he is a profitable player.

Make sure to e-mail PKR support if you have any issues with Version 2.08. You can sign up for PKR here.

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