Introducing CloudPoker DB

Date: 2012-10-24
Author: Jason Glatzer

Are you an online poker player utilizing Holdem Manager or PokerTracker on multiple computers?  Do you have backup concerns about your poker tracking database?  Does running PostGreSQL reduce your computer’s efficiency?  Recently launched, CloudPoker DB might be the solution to your needs.

CloudPoker DB is designed for poker players and will store any PostGreSQL database such as the ones used for PokerTracker and Holdem Manager.  The site provides a real-time synchronization from your PC or Mac.  This means regardless of how many computers you are playing on, you will have access to your entire database while playing no matter which device you are using.  This is ideal for players who typically have sessions on a desktop computer, but once in a while feel like loading up a few tables while in their backyard or in front of their television.

CloudPoker DB also runs PostGreSQL, allowing you to uninstall that program on your computer.  I found when running PokerTracker during my online poker sessions, my computer freezes up when I hit a certain number of tables, while it runs fine when I stop running PokerTracker.  This is due to PokerTracker utilizing PostGreSQL as its database engine.

By uninstalling PostGreSQL, system resources are freed up, allowing you to open many additional tables.  If you are a heavy grinder, this means you can load more tables simultaneously during your session and potentially increase in your profit per hour.

CloudPoker DB also backs up your data daily.  Since most computer users are not backing up their data daily, this is potentially a helpful service.  You never know when your computer’s hard drive might crash, causing you to lose years of valuable data that you have accumulated on your opponents and yourself.

There are four pricing plans you can choose from:

· Flush Plan - $19.99 per month with no setup fee.  7.5 GB of storage, which is approximately 750,000 hand histories.  Daily backups and storing your PostGreSQL database in the cloud are also included.

· Full House Plan - $25.99 per month with no setup fee.  17.5 GB of storage, which is approximately 1.75 million hand histories.  Daily backups and storing your PostGreSQL database in the cloud are also included.

· Straight Flush Plan - $59.99 per month with no setup fee.  40 GB of storage, which is approximately 3.5 million hand histories.  Daily backups and storing your PostGreSQL database in the cloud are also included.

· Royal Flush Plan – E-mail CloudPoker DB for costs.  Unlimited storage along with the services included in the other plans.

While the pricing might seem expensive at first, if you are able to add additional tables due to freeing up system resources, this program should pay for itself if you are a profitable player.  You will also be able to play on multiple computers without losing any of your data and have peace of mind that your information is being backed up properly away from your computer’s hard drive.

For a limited time, CloudPoker DB is offering a 10% discount off your first month as a promotion to celebrate the launching of its service.

Please also note that CloudPoker DB is not associated with PokerTracker or Holdem Manager.  Instead, it is a unique service.  As a low risk proposition, you can give CloudPoker DB a try for one month and see how it increases your efficiency before continuing the service.  Its innovative and unique service will provide poker players around the world with an increased efficiency and additional peace of mind.

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