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Date: 2012-10-30
Author: Jason Glatzer

While most of the poker software we discuss on PokerSoftware is suited for online poker, there are a few apps out there that will make analyzing and keeping track of your live poker play pretty easy.

Record keeping is an important aspect to poker since you can see what times of the day you are doing well, what casinos you might play better at than others, and your overall progress.  Record keeping is also essential to a professional player filing taxes.  How else will you know what your gambling income is?

Record keeping is easily done online with the plethora of poker software out there, but live poker is a different beast and people tend to lose track of their results.  While you will obviously not find a live application that will act as a HUD like some online poker software does, there are many inexpensive poker applications to assist you that work on your mobile device.

Two of the most popular applications available today are Poker Income Pro and Poker Journal.  Poker Income Pro is an easy-to-install application that works on almost any mobile device as well as your desktop.  Inexpensively priced at $9.99, this application is suitable for any poker player or gambler alike.  The software has two different tables for entering information: "Add a completed cash game" and "Add a completed tournament."

For tournament entry, there are drop-down menus to enter most information along with the ability to add your own customizable information.  The software asks you to enter the tournament type, game, limit, location, buy-in, places paid, tips, notes, start date and time, end date and time, cash amount, and rank.

For cash games, the program contains fields for you to enter information like stake, game, limit, location, buy-in, tips, notes, start date and time, end date and time, and cashout amount.

Once you have a few live poker sessions updated, you can take a look at your overall figures in a dashboard and filter them as you see fit.  There is also a cool graphing function that can be viewed by session or date and a charting function showing how you perform by location, game, and day of the week.

Poker Journal is a slightly more expensive application at $12.99 and only works on your iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad.  Many Apple device owners prefer this application for $3 to Poker Income Pro due to easier entry of data while playing.

For entering cash game sessions, there is a button at the bottom of the screen to enter basic information about your session.  The software will first prompt you whether you wish to enter a completed session or if it is a live session you are about to start.  For a completed session, the software will ask you to enter the dates and times of the start and finish of your session as well as game, location, buy-in, cashout amount, and amount of time for breaks.

For a live session, it prompts you for your game, location, and buy-in amounts only.  You can then edit this session at any time to add additional information or tell your software when you are taking a break from the table.  Both entry screens are easy to use, with defaults already available for most common entry types.

For entering tournaments, there is another button on the bottom of the screen to enter the game, tournament type, location, buy-in, number of players, places paid, finish position, amount won, and notes.  Unlike the cash game component of the application, you can only enter completed tournaments and it does not have a timer for you to figure out how long you've been playing.

Poker Journal has all of the reports that Poker Income has along with advanced filtering capabilities.

In my opinion, you really can’t go wrong with either product if you are looking to track your poker results with an advanced app for your mobile device.  There are also tons of other applications out there for your mobile device that can suit your needs.  If you are taking poker seriously, you are doing yourself a disservice if you are not tracking your live play in an organized fashion.

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