PokerTableStats Takes Aim at Full Tilt Players with Free Offer

Date: 2012-10-06
Author: Jason Glatzer

Attention PokerStars players: Are you in search of a Heads-Up Display (HUD) and also want to improve your odds-reading abilities?  If so, you should check out PokerTableStats.  The poker software stores your online poker hand histories in an internet cloud, so no matter how many computers you use for online poker, the PokerTableStats HUD will have all of your hand histories stored for you whenever you have the program running.

The Poker Table Stats Odds Calculator is one of the most powerful around, assisting you on when to call, fold, or raise your hand.  Not only does it assist you with your hand strength and how many outs you might need to improve, PokerTableStats also provides Independent Chip Model (ICM) calculations.

While its software is currently reasonably priced at $7.99 to $9.59 a month, PokerTableStats has a special offer to those who have money tied up on Full Tilt Poker.  PokerTableStats officials have told that they were upset by how Full Tilt Poker players have had their funds tied up for over a year.  Therefore, they are offering a free one-month license for PokerTableStats' Gold subscription to anyone who had at least $10 locked up on Full Tilt Poker due to the events of Black Friday.

All you need to do is e-mail with the subject “Full Tilt Victim Application” along with this completed form.

As someone currently playing on PokerStars who prior to Black Friday played 90%+ of my online poker on Full Tilt Poker, I am grateful for this offer.

If you do not qualify for this generous promotion by PokerTableStats but still want to try out their software for free, there is a five-day free trial for the Professional Plan, which includes almost all of the options of the Gold Plan.  If you are satisfied with the software, you can pay for the plan of your choice with most major credit cards and PayPal.

PokerTableStats has informed that they are in process of integrating MoneyBookers (Skrill) with their website and expect to be accepting that as a payment option soon.  I feel this will be a great addition, as many online poker players want to pay for their poker software directly out of their poker bankroll.

Currently, PokerTableStats' HUD and Poker Odds Calculator only work with PokerStars.  PokerTableStats also has plans to support Full Tilt Poker soon after the re-launch of the once popular poker room next month.

Having both a Poker Odds Calculator and a HUD included in one low monthly cost is something I have not seen elsewhere.  I believe with a few months using the Poker Odds Calculator, you should gain a lot of valuable knowledge learning about pot odds, how to count your outs on draws, and beginner use of a HUD.

Some users of PokerTableStats prefer to obtain an annual license because they do not find the need to use a HUD like the ones you'll find in Holdem Manager 2 and PokerTracker 4.  Other users have seen learning how to use PokerTableStats HUD as a stepping-stone to these dynamic software programs and prefer to opt for a quarterly license instead. recently interviewed Tournament Poker Edge’s Chris Moon about PokerSoftware.  He said he would be happier if more programs moved toward a recurring payment plan since it encourages software developers to keep up with the times, improve their product, and work promptly on any bugs that might appear when a poker site upgrades their software.  Try PokerTableStats risk-free today!

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