Behind the Scenes of NoteCaddy

Date: 2012-11-21
Author: Dan Cypra

The paid version of NoteCaddy includes over 200 predefined notes to help you beat up the competition. A license to this heavy duty and extremely popular MTT tool will set you back $60 for the Hold'em or Omaha versions and $90 for both. It's available as an add-on to Holdem Manager and should be on every serious online poker player's radar.

In a recent interview with NoteCaddy developers obtained by PokerSoftware, the question was asked as to how to sync NoteCaddy between two computers. After all, you might want to play online poker on your laptop on the go and then review hands on a larger monitor connected to your desktop.

Speaking on syncing, NoteCaddy developers explained, "There's no way to sync notes directly, but if you use HM Sync, then your hands will always be the same across both computers. You can then migrate your NC settings and they will generate identically." Therefore, it's important to use all of the capabilities that NoteCaddy and Holdem Manager have to offer.

NoteCaddy will populate badges to your Heads-Up Display, or HUD. So, you'll be instantly met with relevant information about your opponents.

For example, as NoteCaddy's developers explained, "By default, NC includes a badge that will appear if a player 3bets you significantly more often than he does versus everyone else. If you're using NoteCaddy, then you should make sure you're showing badges in your HUD or you are missing out on a huge edge." NoteCaddy also accepts requests for new badges, so don't be afraid to speak up if there's information you'd like to see.

Two third-party programs work hand-in-hand with NoteCaddy that we've reviewed here on PokerSoftware: NoteCaddy Edge and NoteCaddy Advantage. Each will help you use NoteCaddy to an even more in-depth level and are designed for more advanced players.

Speaking on NoteCaddy Edge and NoteCaddy Advantage, the same developer interview pointed out, "I know both of the authors and can say with confidence that they are both very qualified to present their respective products, so you really can't go wrong with either." NoteCaddy Edge is a member of the PokerSoftware Recommended Program and runs $99 for Hold'em or Omaha and $125 for both.

Programs like NoteCaddy are constantly evolving. As existing players improve their games and new ones become part of the poker ecosystem, programs like NoteCaddy will continue to evolve and adapt.

What can you expect from NoteCaddy in the future should you choose to buy it? Developers foreshadowed, "There are many things being taken into consideration to make NC even better. Right now, what's being looked at is a way to filter better and more intuitively by post-flop hand ranges. There definitely is room for improvement there and it isn't unnoticed. Making sure everything is properly documented is not as exciting a task, but that is certainly an ongoing effort as well."

Who should use NoteCaddy? Who should shell out the cash needed to buy it? For the answer to that question, we'll turn to our own review of NoteCaddy here on PokerSoftware: "There are a ton of variables you can work with inside the definition area to get exactly the kind of notes you want. It's this type of open-ended atmosphere that makes NoteCaddy a useful tool for players at any level." There's a 51-page user guide in case you get lost.

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