Heads-Up with Lithuania's Liutas.a, Vinnetou, and MellowP

Date: 2012-11-03
Author: Jason Glatzer

Sometimes a night out is just a night out. Other nights out include get-togethers with other poker players where we can discuss poker-related topics. A couple of nights ago, I had a night out in Vilnius, Lithuania with three professional poker players: Liutas.a, Vinnetou, and MellowP.  During the night, we got on the topic of poker software.

For such a small country, Lithuania has many of the world’s top online poker players. Liutas.a, who has over $1.5 million in online cashes, mostly on PokerStars, is currently ranked 161st in the world on PocketFives and has been ranked as high as 92nd. Vinnetou, who has over $2 million in online cashes, also mostly on PokerStars, is currently ranked 65th in the world on PocketFives and has been ranked as high as 38th. MellowP is an up-and-coming poker player who works for PokerNews.

PokerSoftware: What poker software do you currently use?

Liutas.a – I currently use Holdem Manager 1 and see no reason to upgrade at this point. Holdem Manager 1 does everything I need it to do as a tournament player and see no advantage of upgrading to Holdem Manager 2 since there are too many reported glitches.

Vinnetou – I also use Holdem Manager 1. I tried Holdem Manager 2 a few months ago, but was frustrated with the glitches and errors that were coming up. I do not like to waste time reconfiguring software when I could be playing poker, and Holdem Manager 1 contains everything I need from my poker software. I may consider upgrading in the future.

MellowP - I currently use Holdem Manager 2 and, for me, it was a very smooth transition from Holdem Manager 1. I did not have any bugs like Liutas.a and Vinnetou have reported. I also love some of the added features like the automatic note taking in the free version of NoteCaddy included in the software.

PokerSoftware: Which stats do you most often use from your HUD?

Liutas.a – I use the standard stats most often such as VPIP, PFR, Steal %, and 3bet %. For post-flop, I typically look at my opponents' AF, C-bet %, and Fold to C-bet %. Although I am not sure why, I also look at how often my opponents typically show down their cards.

Vinnetou – I use the same stats, but also love to look at Bet vs. Missed Bet %.

Liutas.a – This is also one of my favorites.

MellowP – Do you use Fold to 3bet %?

Liutas.a – I typically do not look at this stat, but I color code my opponents for this purpose based off observation. The sample sizes many times are too low to rely solely on your HUD for these types of statistics.

Vinnetou – I also find that the sample sizes are rarely enough in tournaments to fully rely on my HUD. I keep this in mind when look at barreling statistics and other statistics where you are better off understanding your opponent's mindset rather than fully relying on your HUD. This is possibly truer in mid-stakes and high-stakes tournaments than in low-stakes tournaments.

Liutas.a – I agree that sample size is important. Stats like 4bet % are dependent on sample size and table dynamics.

PokerSoftware: Have you used any software that uses scripts or do you prefer to use your mouse?

MellowP – I have tried using hotkeys before such as the embedded hotkeys in PokerStars. I prefer just using my mouse.

Vinnetou – I also prefer my mouse and can leave the keyboard to itself. I prefer using a combination of my mouse and preprogrammed bet-sizing buttons.

PokerSoftware: Since all three of you play primarily on PokerStars, can you tell us about your experiences with PokerStars Mobile?

Vinnetou – For a few tournaments, it's okay, but I use the mobile application for emergencies only because, with mobile, I do not have my opponents' stats available.

MellowP – I am very uncomfortable playing on my phone, but for different reasons than Vinnetou. The buttons are too small and the last time I tried, I couldn’t get the buttons to work properly.

PokerSoftware: Do you use sites like Sharkscope and Official Poker Rankings?

Liutas.a – I find these sites to be useful, but do not use them during play. If you are a regular player, you know the other regulars. I find these sites very useful for providing information before staking other players and also seeing how my friends are performing.

MellowP – I sometimes use sites like this if someone is being aggressive and I do not have a lot of information on them. I look to see how often they play and how good or bad they are. I also Google players to see if they are primarily cash game players. I find this information to be useful since I can generalize that a profitable player makes fewer mistakes than a fish does.

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