Introducing PokerPlaner: Four Modules in One

Date: 2012-11-05
Author: Dan Cypra

If you play poker on ENET, then check out PokerPlaner, which consists of four separate poker tools all rolled into one package. As PokerPlaner officials point out, the software is compatible with one of the most popular poker database programs on the web, Holdem Manager: "PokerPlaner software packages help you with your game at ENET Poker Network. Most importantly, your Holdem Manager will start to support ENET."

The first module up for PokerPlaner is a hand history converter, which a video on PokerPlaner's website shows as originally being played on PartyPoker.

As PokerPlaner explains, your hand histories "can be imported by Holdem Manager, PokerTracker 2, and PokerTracker 3" and "you can use the Holdem Manager's HUD" when you play. There's even a seven-minute YouTube video explaining the process if you want to check it out. Check out other hand history converters we've reviewed here on PokerSoftware.

The second Module in PokerPlaner is a fish finding tool. If you're not familiar with a fish finder, the goal is to locate players you can make money off of and sit at their tables. For PokerPlaner users, the fish finder will scan the lobby for players and display them on your screen along with their corresponding stats from your own database. Then, you'll be able to open each table and join it if there is space available in a few simple clicks.

You can also use the fish finder more like a traditional buddy list and add your friends to it. That way, when your friends sign in, you can sit down at the same table they're playing at. PokerPlaner makes it easy since you'll know exactly where your friends are sitting. There's no need to open each poker site and look around or pester your friends to tell you where they're sitting. Check out a few of the poker buddy lists we have reviewed here on PokerSoftware.

PokerPlaner's third module is an auto rebuy, which consists of a rebuy hotkey that allows you to bet the minimum and maximum. The table stakes you're playing will set the maximum rebuy and you can set the minimum rebuy as you see fit. There's an option for PokerPlaner to use your hand histories to figure the betting ranges as well.

The final module is what's called a Table of Interest, which keeps track of tables that require an action by highlighting them. The Table of Interest will be denoted with a solid color frame, a blinking color frame, or a fading color frame. This allows you to operate more tables at once since you'll only need to pay attention to the one requiring action.

As text found on PokerPlaner's website explains about the Table of Interest feature, "Tables will pile when no action is needed and are moved to a free slot when you needed to make an action."

Check out PokerPlaner today. Then, come back to PokerSoftware and let us know what you think!

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