Tournament Parser Now Supports Re-Launched Full Tilt Poker

Date: 2012-11-28
Author: Jason Glatzer

Are you a backer or a horse who needs to keep up-to-date and informative rails without investing a lot of time in record-keeping?  You may want to check out Tournament Parser, which does all of the work for you on most major networks.  At $3 a month, $15 for six months, $25 for one year, or $40 for two years, Tournament Parser is a very cheap way for horses not to fall behind in keeping their rail up-to-date.

Tournament Parser is a program that does exactly what its name says: it parses your poker tournament data in a format that is easy to read and allows you to post to your rail on a variety of forums.  The newest version, 3.0, added Full Tilt Poker back to the list of sites it supports.  You need to update Tournament Parser frequently with your Full Tilt Poker data since Full Tilt only stores your tournament history for seven days.

The one-time setup of any site you wish to work in coordination with Tournament Parser is very straightforward by following the step-by-step guide on their website.  Each poker site you are playing on, however, will have different instructions on how to generate the rail since each interface is different.

I have heard many friends say they prefer a program with a monthly cost since there is more of an incentive for that program's developers to keep up-to-date with the changes being made by the poker sites.  The team at Tournament Parser has had a busy year.  Version 2.94 addressed a problem occurring on PokerStars where tournaments with wins over $1,000 were not being parsed correctly because of the comma in the amount.

Version 2.92 allowed you to include rakeback on a variety of sites in your parsed data.  Version 2.90 allowed cash games to be parsed on the Merge Network.  Version 2.89 added PartyPoker as a supported site.  A couple of versions released back in February addressed issues on PokerStars, including deals made in tournaments, knockouts won in knockout tournaments, and the ability to include Frequent Player Points.

In addition to investing time in new releases for Tournament Parser, the team recently developed a new innovative study tool called Analyzer.  This feature allows you to quickly find the hands you are looking for based on filters you desire and create a hand history file you can review in Universal Replayer or e-mail to your backer, poker coach, or friend.  The filters include:

Table Position
Initial Pre-Flop Action
Buy-In Range
Big Blind Level
Stack Size
M Range
Chips Won/Lost
Chips in Play
Hands in Tournament
Players Left at Table
Hero Busts

Setting up the Analyzer tool is very simple to do and there is a 12-minute video on how to optimize its use on Tournament Parser's website.  The cost for this tool is $2.50 per month, $12 for six months, or $20 for one year.  This low cost can assure you are making the most out of your review sessions.

For any questions on Tournament Parser or the new Analyzer tool, feel free to post in the Tournament Parser support thread on PokerSoftware.  You can also reach their team by emailing

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