What's in the New Full Tilt Poker Software

Date: 2012-11-07
Author: Jason Glatzer

November 6, 2012 is a date most online poker players around the world will remember as the day Full Tilt Poker came back to life.  The re-launch allowed immediate access to funds for players outside of the United States along with a similar interface compared with the pre-shutdown version.  There is already a lot of action going on, with about 50,000 players logged in and over 20,000 tables running.  Once again, Full Tilt is proving to be another viable site for players around the world to play on.

The software is easily downloadable from its website for both the PC and Mac.  For those of you who already had the software on your computer, when launching it, you will be asked to update.  As of right now, there does not appear to be mobile poker for Full Tilt Poker; however, I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw a limited one with just Rush Poker soon for Android devices similar to what existed pre-shutdown.

The software offers three different lobby views and many different table views for you to choose from.  There are also many preset avatars.

There are a plethora of table options.  You can select your preferred seat so you are always sitting at the same spot regardless of your seat number.  There are also buttons for always running it twice, auto-rebuying/adding on by default, and auto-mucking hands.  You can set predetermined amounts for cash game buy-ins.  There are a variety of bet slider options as well as custom bet buttons for pre-flop and post-flop actions.

Before the shutdown, Full Tilt was the only site to offer a fast-paced game, Rush Poker.  In the past year, many sites have come up with similar variations for cash games, but Full Tilt is the only place currently offering this format in tournaments and sit and gos.

In addition to Rush tournaments, Full Tilt offers tournaments you will not see elsewhere: Cashout, Multi-Entry, and On-Demand.  For players who like to gamble early on in tournaments, Full Tilt launched Second and Third Chance tournaments.

Full Tilt allows you to play on up to 16 tables at a time, which is more than most sites, but fewer than the industry leader, PokerStars.  The software is smooth even at the maximum table capacity.

Cash games have a wide offering and I was pleased to see that the customized tables that were around pre-Black Friday were still on the site.  The first thing I did when logging in was double-check that my $8/$16 LO/8 table was still around with a reserved seat for me.  There does not seem to be a method to get a customized table at this point, but hopefully it is something Full Tilt reintroduces.

For cash game and sit and go tables, there is now an option to add an additional table at the same limits.  If you are playing heads-up in either version, it will allow you to play the same player on multiple tables as well.

One of the really cool features about PokerStars purchasing Full Tilt Poker is the ability to transfer from PokerStars to Full Tilt Poker and vice-versa.  There is a one-time synchronization process to go through and, after that, it is just the click of a couple of buttons to move money between the two sites.

Each site treats every transaction as a withdrawal, so if you have restricted funds from a player transfer, you will be subject to playing requirements.  It takes about 15 minutes for the transfer from one site to the other to go through.

Full Tilt also has up to 17 widgets that you can customize to appear on the right side of your cashier.  The site has added two new ones for being able to see what your weekly cashback reward will be as well as how many FTPs you have compared with your next target to move up the Next Edge rewards ladder.

One current problem is that HUDs do not seem to be working properly.  Holdem Manager, for example, has reported although it was able to do extensive testing in the past week.  The poker tracking software expects to have most of the problems fixed in the coming days, however, so this issue is just a temporary inconvenience.

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