Advanced Poker Training Launches SNG, MTT Final Table Trainers

Date: 2012-12-21
Author: Dan Cypra

It's a new day at Advanced Poker Training. If you're not familiar with the poker training site, Advanced Poker Training pits you against a group of AI bots for glory at the tables. Whereas its product was formerly focused on cash games, Advanced Poker Training recently launched sit and go and multi-table tournament final table simulators.

Advanced Poker Training founder Allen Blay told PokerSoftware in an exclusive interview that demand from customers led to the new trainers' introductions: "So many people play tournaments instead of cash games online. For sit and gos, we have four different versions available. Members can play the top three and non-members can play the easiest version. They range from opponents being low-level online poker players to more difficult opponents. We have a trainer that simulates one of the daily Las Vegas tournaments. The level of play is similar to sitting down at Caesars Palace and playing."

The MTT final table simulator should help any tournament player learn how to close, which is critical to becoming a successful poker pro. Blay gave us the low-down on the new product: "The MTT final table simulator shows you what it would be like at a final table. Members can choose what stack size they have so they can practice various scenarios. You can play all of these different scenarios and get better. Most people just love playing our game. It's fun."

Advanced Poker Training has exploded in popularity, so much so that poker pro Ron Rose, who won the World Poker Tour's Reno stop in 2003 and claimed a bracelet two months later, e-mailed Blay to say that he sat down for hours enjoying Advanced Poker Training's simulator. "That says something when you have a World Series of Poker champ who enjoys playing our game enough that he played three tournaments," Blay said.

Believe it or not, the developers at Advanced Poker Training spent a year fine-tuning the tournament simulators, which are completely different beasts than their cash game counterparts. Blay explained what took a dozen months to complete: "In a cash game, you play the same way at any point in time. In a tournament, depending on the payouts and what stage of the tournament you're in, you play very differently."

He added, "We had to make our opponents able to change to entirely different styles of play depending on what stage of the tournament they are in, what the payouts are, and what their stack sizes are. There's a reason I don't think there is any other tournament software out there that is remotely decent."

Advanced Poker Training has all of its bases covered. We asked Blay to walk through the extremely thorough and all-inclusive MTT trainer, which we found fascinating: "There's an online MTT version of it. There's also a live daily tournament format. Another version simulates higher stakes tournaments. The fourth one is designed to give you the opportunity to play aggressively like in the WSOP Main Event."

He summarized, "I think we've done a good job of making our opponents as realistic as possible. Since we save everything that our members do, our bots will adjust based on your stack. If our bots notice patterns in what you're doing, after you do it a few times, they'll start punching back at you."

You can snag a license to Advanced Poker Training for $19.97 per month or get six months for $99.97. Visit Advanced Poker Training for more details.

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