Analyzer from Tournament Parser Half-Price through December 31

Date: 2012-12-19
Author: Jason Glatzer

There are many ways to improve your online poker game, including visiting training sites, self-review, discussions on forums, talking with friends, and hiring a poker coach.  Most of these options require you to spend time on your own hand histories finding spots worthy of discussion or internal thought.  You can literally spend hours going through hand histories to find just a few that are worthy of discussion.

The team that developed Tournament Parser, the popular software tool for poker stakers and horses, recently developed and released Analyzer, an innovative product to assist you in finding the hands you wish to review and discuss.

Analyzer sifts through your PokerStars tournament hand histories based on the criteria you specify and finds the hands that are most important for you to study and review.  It then creates a nifty hand history file that you can review in text form or easily load into Universal Replayer for review.  Why pay a poker coach for time going through hands that aren’t worthy of discussion when you can have Analyzer do the work for you?

The software literally takes seconds to download.  It is fairly self-explanatory on how to use and there is also an informative video created by 2011 SuperNova Elite and professional poker coach "ILS007" to walk you through getting the most out of it.

To start using Analyzer, you first need to tell the software what your PokerStars screen name is and where your hand history files are saved.  You then need to tell Analyzer where you want your hand histories saved and if you want them e-mailed directly to yourself or a third party.

Finally, you need to let Analyzer know what requirements you have for selected hand histories for review.  There are filters for table position, pre-flop action, buy-in, big blind, stack size, M, chips won or lost, chips in play, number of hands in tournament, players left, and hero bust-outs.  After you set up your filters, you can save them for future use.   

Now you are ready for Analyzer to do its magic and generate a consolidated hand history file for review.  This simple process of generating a targeted hand history output file will make your studying time more productive.  Those of you not studying because of the time commitment now have no excuses for missing out on self-evaluation.  Most of us would rather spend more time playing and less time studying.  I am thrilled there is a tool that will reduce the hours I spend gaining nothing valuable.

Not only is Analyzer perfect as a self-study tool, but its software is also a great tool for poker backers who want to check up on how their horses are doing without the mess of trying to review thousands of hands to find the dozens they want to see.  As a backer who sometimes hires a poker coach, I can make sure my horses are having productive sessions by having Analyzer sift through their hand histories for me so I am not spending money on a coach to go through unnecessary hands.

Analyzer has a 10-day free trial for anyone thinking about whether this is the right product for them.  Until December 31, the software will be also available at half-price.  A one-month subscription is $2.50, a six-month subscription is $12, and a full year subscription is $20.  If you think about the money you spend on tournaments, coaching, and poker training, the cost of this tool is a bargain.  Hurry up and download the free trial today and take advantage of its half-price offer.

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