NoteCaddy Edge Adds Definitions, MTT Pack on the Horizon

Date: 2012-12-11
Author: Jason Glatzer

Are you a Holdem Manager 2 user looking to get more out of your database or looking for the most efficient way to use your HUD to exploit your opponents?  If you like money, you should definitely check out NoteCaddy Edge.

NoteCaddy Edge is a third-party add-on to both Holdem Manager 2 and NoteCaddy Premium that has, in a short time, become very popular for cash game and sit and go players alike.  NoteCaddy Edge recently announced on PokerSoftware that it would have a software pack available soon designed for multi-table tournament players, perhaps by Christmas.  I am personally excited by this update and believe this will help numerous players significantly change how they look at their tournament game to help get a jump-start on their 2013 poker goals.

The software is designed to work with your hand histories to create definitions and badges to help target your opponents' tendencies efficiently.  As an example, you should have a better idea who might 3-barrel you with air or who might only continuation-bet the flop if they have improved their hand.  There are 272 different definitions and 47 different badges (92 including opposite badges) for Hold’em ring game players, 272 definitions and 39 badges (76 including opposite badges) for PLO game ring players, and 289 definitions and 25 badges for sit and go players.

The staff at NoteCaddy Edge is constantly working to improve their product and implementing suggestions from their clients, and all updates are free for life.  A couple of weeks ago, the software updated its PLO pack by releasing 61 new definitions and also redesigned the look of the pop-ups and color ranges.  On December 6, NoteCaddy Edge updated its Sit and Go pack with 174 new definitions and two new badges.  It also added auto-update rules for six-max and full ring tables as well as its pop-ups.

The software comes with informative manuals on how to install it, what the definitions and badges mean, and how to best exploit your opponents that display certain tendencies.  There are also a number of tutorial videos available on the website.

Regardless of what stakes you play, the investment you make with NoteCaddy Edge should pay itself back very quickly.  Oftentimes, players will not know they are displaying certain tendencies, especially at lower limits, causing those players not to know how to adjust to you when you understand their playing style thoroughly.  At higher limits, players can adjust, but you'll make your investment back fairly quickly.  The No Limit Hold’em and PLO packs cost $99 each or $125 in a combo pack, and the Sit and Go pack costs $99.

NoteCaddy Edge strongly believes it is providing the badges people want and leaving out the ones that provide no additional value.  Also, unlike some of its competitors, NoteCaddy Edge is fully customizable, so you can reconfigure the software to make it suit your specific needs.

If you are on the “edge” about whether this software is right for you, consider first playing around with its trial pack, which includes five badges, five definitions, and full instructions on their meanings and how to exploit your opponents.  This will give you a small taste for how NoteCaddy Edge can improve your profit per table.

Check out NoteCaddy Edge and be sure to visit the program's thread in our Software Discussion forum.

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