PartyPoker Releases Android App

Date: 2012-12-28
Author: Jason Glatzer

Do you enjoy playing poker on the go or just like the feel of mobile poker?  One of the softest sites around, PartyPoker, has just released an Android application where you can play Texas Hold’em cash games on the go.

The mobile application is very easy to install on your Android tablet or mobile phone.  Unfortunately, as of yet there is no application for iPad or iPhone users, but hopefully this is just the first step in PartyPoker’s mobile releases since its sister site, bwin, has its software available on both devices on the Party Network.

For Android users, the application is not currently in the Google store and you must have your mobile device set up for non-market applications to download the application.

Once you have this setting enabled, you either can scan a code or just go to PartyPoker's website from your mobile device and download.

Currently, there is a limited selection of games.  Tournament and sit and go players are forced to wait on the sidelines for a future release of the mobile application.  Meanwhile, cash game players can enjoy Texas Hold’em cash games and PartyPoker's FastForward game.

For those of you not familiar with FastForward, the game plays out exactly like it sounds.  You sit with a pool of players and when you fold your hand, you are immediately taken to a new table with new players.  This type of fast-moving game is perfect for a mobile client.

Other features of PartyPoker's mobile client include a quick seat lobby, multi-language support, play money tables, and dedicated smartphone and tablet support.  You can also view your hand histories through the application itself.  For those who just want to give it a try with play money first, you will be stuck with ring games only since Party's FastForward games are only currently available in that format.

The PartyPoker mobile application has some work to do to be on par with the industry leader, PokerStars, when comparing the number of games available to players, overall functionality, and the devices it is available on.

Also, there is currently no web cashier for those who truly want to have a full poker experience on the go.  However, for those wanting to play real money ring games against inferior competition, PartyPoker's mobile application runs smoothly.  Since the application is currently in Beta mode, my expectations are they will improve it over time.

PartyPoker does not charge for its mobile application and recommends when possible to use Wi-Fi mode or to check your 3G data limits with your mobile provider.  Also, while using Wi-Fi, you should expect a smoother overall experience with fewer disconnections compared to 3G.

According to PartyPoker, you should expect an hour of play to consume approximately 1 MB of data.  So, if you are just playing for a few hours, you shouldn’t be overly concerned about how this application will affect your overall monthly data usage.

Mobile poker should be on the rise in the coming years, so I hope this is just the beginning for the PartyPoker application.  Party is one of my favorite sites to play cash games on due to the number of fishy players and I hope this application attracts more casual players to the site.

Since there are lots of features that are not available on Party's mobile client compared to its regular online client, when possible I will be playing on my regular computer, but I look forward to logging in some FastForward hands when on road trips or when I just want to put in a quick session.  Visit PartyPoker today.

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