Poker Copilot Now Supports Full Tilt

Date: 2012-12-02
Author: Jason Glatzer

Are you a Mac user who is jealous of the poker software available to PC users?  Test out Poker Copilot 3 for free for 30 days.  Poker Copilot is a tracking and analysis program designed for the Mac OS X operating system and is one of the only Mac software solutions available that runs without partitioning your hard drive for Windows through a program such as Boot Camp or Windows Parallel.

Poker Copilot is pleased to announce that it is now supporting Full Tilt Poker.

With Full Tilt re-launching in November, Poker Copilot has proven to its loyal users that it will continue to remain with the times and not leave the community scrambling for solutions that are easily found for PC users.  In addition to Full Tilt Poker, Mac users, through Poker Copilot 3, now have an integrated Heads-Up Display available on PokerStars, Winamax, PartyPoker, and the Ongame Network.

Poker Copilot 3 provides a clean and easy-to-read Heads-Up Display that includes some basic stats like VPIP and PFR and also secondary stats in a pop-up window.  The stats are constantly updated after each hand, allowing you to have up-to-date information about your opponents similar to Holdem Manager and PokerTracker users on PCs. 

Poker Copilot 3 comes with a few canned charts like a summarized bankroll chart, a detailed bankroll chart, and an all-in equity chart.  All of the charts are easily filterable by tournaments vs. cash games, date ranges, number of players at your table, type of game, and position.  If this is not enough, you can build your own custom charts.

Poker Copilot 3 also gives Mac users the ability to review their own statistics in a basic or advanced screen and see summaries of recent hands, hand types, players, stakes, position, and day.  It also has some basic leak detectors for pre-flop aggression, positional awareness, blind stealing, pocket pairs, and suited connectors. 

Poker Copilot comes with a cool hand replayer that shows your odds of winning on specific streets.  You can also overlay your Heads-Up Display on top of the replayer. 

Unless you want to partition your hard drive, Poker Copilot is the only game in town for Mac users wanting to utilize a HUD.  Since most people do not like the idea of purchasing a Mac only to have it behave like a PC, they are lucky that Poker Copilot’s team works hard to continue to support new sites like Full Tilt Poker.

Although Poker Copilot may not have all of the tools that Holdem Manager and Poker Tracker have, the program is known to run smoothly on poker players' computers and is very easy to set up and use.

So, if you are a Mac user looking to have an edge on your opponents with additional information, why not try Poker Copilot 3?  If you are satisfied, it comes at a low cost of $69, which should be paid off multiple times over by making informed decisions against your opponents.  The license works on up to two computers, provided you are the main user on your computer.  For Mac users, Poker Copilot is second-to-none in the land of Heads-Up Displays and analytical and tracking databases.

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