PokerTracker 4 Now Fully Supports Microgaming Tournaments

Date: 2012-12-08
Author: Jason Glatzer

Are you an online poker player blindly clicking buttons without a Heads-Up Display (HUD)?  Are you using old software and thinking about whether you should upgrade to keep up with the times?  Look no further than PokerTracker 4, which is constantly updating its software in response to changes that occur with online poker sites.

There have been many articles on PokerSoftware interviewing tournament, sit and go, and cash game players highlighting the importance of a HUD to their game.

It is frequently mentioned in these articles that a HUD, if properly used, can assist you with in-game decisions based off your opponents' tendencies.

PokerTracker’s HUD is easy to set up and has the ability to display seemingly any stat you can possibly think of about your opponents.

Besides the awesome in-game benefit, PokerTracker has a tremendous post-game benefit.  You can study your own play through a replayer, look at graphs of your own play, and use its database tools to identify leaks.  It also provides you with a full history of how you have performed in Hold’em and Omaha ring games, sit and gos, and scheduled tournaments.

PokerTracker's latest update, 4.05.7 Beta, was released on November 21.  Microgaming players can rejoice at this update, as their tournaments are now fully supported.  You can now resize your tables on Microgaming and have your HUD adjust, and errors were fixed that previously occurred when cash games and tournaments were in the same file.  Currency issues were also corrected.

PartyPoker players will now not have to manually enter their tournament winnings in shootouts.  Issues with the small blind and issues recording winnings from players who had a space at the end of their name were also fixed.

Full Tilt players can now use the preferred seat option on the site and have PokerTracker’s HUD adjust to the new seating arrangement.  Super Turbo sit and gos are now properly supported.

PokerStars players have better support for the “run it twice” feature.  In addition, the recording of VPPs and FPPs in PokerTracker 4 is properly adjusted when playing in another currency besides U.S. Dollars.

Some general updates include ICM and adjusted winnings properly being recorded in bounty tournaments, a new buy-ins won statistic, a tournament buy-ins won graph, new stats for adjusted all-in equity per 100 big blinds for tournaments, and a new replayer enhancement to include a "click to show hidden cards" feature.

These are just some of the many new features and updates in PokerTracker 4’s new Beta version.  With a dedicated team to update its product, PokerTracker as a company proves why it is part of the leading edge in providing tracking software to online poker players.

If you are thinking about whether PokerTracker 4 is right for you, give it a try for free for 30 days.  After 30 days, if you are happy with what you see, you can purchase PokerTracker 4 for $59.99 for the Small-Stakes Omaha or Hold’em editions or $99.99 for both.  Or, you can pay $99.99 for the Full version of Omaha or Hold’em or $159.99 for both.

Visit PokerTracker today.

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