Want to Become a Poker Pro? PokerTableStats Can Help

Date: 2012-12-04
Author: Dan Cypra

If becoming an online poker pro is on your wish list this holiday season, then a program like PokerTableStats can certainly help get you over the hump. Sure, you won't be a viable force at the tables without some poker chops and lot of practice, but PokerTableStats can help push you in the right direction. Recently, PokerTableStats' developers told us what they think it takes to become a successful poker pro.

First singled out by PokerTableStats' developers was the importance of knowing the math. Without an innate understanding of the numbers, identifying optimal situations and deciding what course of action to take in a hand can be nearly impossible: "Thanks to these calculations, we will know something about our odds and outs. Pot odds will help us decide if it's profitable to stay in a hand or simply fold."

PokerTableStats comes complete with a wealth of statistical information, including a pocket cards ranking screen, a draw meter, a pot odds meter, and a bundle of tournament calculations like Harrington's M. Having all of these numbers readily available can certainly put you on the road to success.

PokerTableStats also recommended learning multiple games. After all, No Limit Hold'em has become much more competitive over the years, so sinking your teeth into another game like Pot Limit Omaha or Five Card Draw could mean a bigger edge at the tables once you understand the game inside and out.

The site's developers told us, "Playing at least a single match in each game, we can learn new things and gain new experiences, which can make us more versatile. Thanks to tests like this, we can find the variant of the game in which we feel the strongest. We'll know what we are capable of and who we can outplay." PokerTableStats includes a fully functional Heads-Up Display, or HUD, to help you along the way.

"Play online as well as live," PokerTableStats recommended to aspiring professional poker players. "In real life games, it is easier to pay attention to our opponents' behavior, their facial expression, body language, etc. We can learn how to hold cards properly, how to handle them, and how to control our emotions when dealing with good and bad hands." Working with a program like PokerTableStats on your computer can help you build a foundation for success when you step into the live arena. You can also take what you learned live and apply it to your online game.

When you do travel, you'll probably want to access your poker hands. After all, how can you study on the go if you don't have any data to look at? One of the most attractive features of PokerTableStats is its cloud storage. Its website explains, "Your hand database is stored in the cloud and maintained on our servers, so if you play poker on several computers, e.g. a laptop and a desktop computer, you don't have to worry about transferring your data as is the case with other software because in our program, everything is handled automatically."

PokerTableStats has a variety of pricing options available to suit whatever budget you have. Its Basic package runs $5.99 per month and does not include a HUD. Its Pro package is $7.99 per month and allows access to a HUD, while PokerTableStats' Gold subscription is $9.99 per month and includes a HUD and priority support.

Check out PokerTableStats today.

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