IveyPoker Acquires LeggoPoker

Date: 2013-03-01
Author: Jason Glatzer

Just about everyone who has ever watched or played a single poker hand in his life has heard of Phil Ivey.  He has dominated online and live in just about every format possible.  Now, he is looking to dominate the training aspect of the game with IveyPoker by acquiring the well-known online poker training site LeggoPoker.

IveyPoker was launched in December 2012 with the announcement of a free social game for Android devices to teach the masses winning poker in an entertaining format.  At the time of the release, it seemed inevitable that this would just be the beginning for Ivey to use his name to develop a suite of training products across different types of media.

The initial Team Ivey members included a host of very recognizable names and successful poker players like Patrik Antonius, Greg Merson, Jennifer Harman, Cole South, James Dempsey, Matt Giannetti, Balazs Botond, Gillian Epp, David Peters, Josh Brikis, John Earnes, and Jonathan Tamayo.

Just a couple of months later, IveyPoker expanded by acquiring Leggo Poker, which was announced on its website on February 6.  Their strategy is that this acquisition will serve as a foundation for the Ivey League, which will incorporate the best of what LeggoPoker has to offer.

By acquiring LeggoPoker, the Ivey League will be able to use the famous LeggoPoker instructors to create what might turn out to be the best all-around poker training team in the world.  LeggoPoker’s instructors include Aaron Jones, Dan Smith, and Andrew Lichtenberger, who through this acquisition will automatically become members of Team Ivey.

Ivey himself seemed pretty psyched by this acquisition, saying, “In my opinion, LeggoPoker is one of the best teaching sites on the market. They are a great match with IveyPoker and together we will offer a top-notch educational poker destination in the Ivey League.”

IveyPoker recommends getting the most out of its services by first obtaining instruction from the IveyPoker application, which is soon to be released.  They believe after you have received a free entertaining learning experience that many poker players eager to learn will be interested in taking the dive into the realm of the Ivey League.

I am surprised that Ivey hasn’t delved into the training marketplace earlier, as many people in the industry feel is fairly saturated at this point.  Ivey, however, never tries to do something small, and this announcement proves that IveyPoker is out to take the poker world by storm and, in quick time, become one of the leaders poker training.

Nothing has been announced at this point in terms of pricing, but with this group of top-notch professionals, I'd imagine it would be priced higher than the typical training site, similar to what Phil Galfond did in launching RunItOnce late last year.

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Kamal's Comment

2013-09-15 20:01:50

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