MagicHoldem Releases Personal Poker Coach

Date: 2013-03-04
Author: Jason Glatzer

MagicHoldem is one of the leaders in the world of poker odds calculators.  Recently, Magic Holdem released its latest unique product called the Personal Poker Coach.

If you are just learning poker or want to brush up on your knowledge of poker odds, I recommend checking out Magic Holdem.  Its poker odds calculator is second-to-none in providing in-game analysis on your odds in Texas Hold’em.  This unique poker calculator works during online poker tournaments, sit and gos, and cash games and assists you via a graphical interface with poker odds on every street.

The product also assists you with bankroll management, advising you when you are potentially about to enter a game that you should think twice about since it would be higher than your online bankroll allows.  This is an excellent feature that no other poker calculator provides since even the best players can wind up busting up their bankrolls and turn into losing players by not strictly following bankroll management guidelines.

The new Personal Poker Coach dramatically improves the previous experience on Magic Holdem.  The first handy feature about the new Poker Coach is its pre-game playing tips, which include identifying your weak links and providing tips based off your previous play.  You also have one-click access from Magic Holdem to all of the poker rooms that it supports.

While playing, the Personal Poker Coach provides tips and insight along with poker odds.  A beginning player should be able to improve his Hold’em skills much quicker by following and learning from the advice provided by Magic Holdem.

After you have completed a session, the Personal Poker Coach gives you a detailed leak analysis to show you where you may have incorrectly played based off the odds.  Most beginning poker players do not spend enough time on post-game analysis, which hampers their learning curve.  By utilizing Magic Holdem, you should master the odds and eliminate many leaks much quicker than someone trying to learn without this tool.

The creators of the Personal Poker Coach consulted with legendary poker pro Tony G during its development.  Tony G believes this tool will benefit any beginner or casual player.  "Poker is a fun game, but if you're not learning, you'll soon be losing," Tony G said.  "The Personal Poker Coach is there to help you develop a winning style like mine."

If this isn’t enough, Magic Holdem also has a free poker school on its website.  Even if you are on the fence as a new player on whether to try out the poker calculator, it is worthwhile to get some tips from this free resource.

Magic Holdem is compatible with most major online poker rooms including PokerStars, 888 Poker, iPoker, and PartyPoker.  It also complies with the Terms of Service of all of these sites since it relies on your own personal information and has no access to your opponents' hole cards.

MagicHoldem has a one-month subscription for $15, which is perfect if you are just getting into poker and do not want to commit to a long-term deal with any software.  If you are committed to improving in the long-run, there is a six-month subscription for $60, a one-year subscription for $90, and a two-year subscription for $120, which comes out to only $5 per month.

For those of you who aren’t sure what Magic Hold’em and the Personal Poker Coach are about, visit today.

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