Master Hole Card Ranks with PokerTableStats

Date: 2013-03-06
Author: Dan Cypra

When you're playing poker, knowing exactly where your hand stands in relation to other players' hands is of the utmost importance. You need to discern this information on the fly with pinpoint accuracy. At the same time, you might be multi-tabling, watching television, or otherwise keeping your mind occupied in between hands. Luckily, PokerTableStats will monitor hole cards for you and show you how they stack up against other hole cards with its Pocket Cards Rank tool.

The software's Pocket Cards Rank tool is most useful pre-flop when you need to gauge whether to call, bet, or fold. If the action is 3bet to you before the flop, should you come along with K-Q or bail? Do you even know where K-Q stacks up against the range of possible starting hands? You would if you used PokerTableStats.

Text sent to PokerSoftware explained, "Pocket Rank shows the current position of your starting hand with regard to this hand's strength against all possibilities of one opponent's starting hands. The better the pocket rank, the higher the probability of winning a pot with the hand when going all-in against a random opponent."

In essence, knowing where your hole cards stack up in the grand scheme of things can help you in push-fold situations in tournaments, which can come in handy down the stretch when you're short on chips. Rather than worry about post-flop decisions, you just need to use PokerTableStats' Pocket Cards Rank tool to evaluate your holding and decide whether to push or fold.

The program will also help you navigate complex ICM situations near the end of tournaments. PokerTableStats relayed, "Hand strength will help you make decisions pre-flop during play with the use of Independent Chip Modeling, which consists of the current number of chips possessed by all tournament participants calculated with the potential prize they're fighting for. ICM is the most useful at the end of a tournament when it enables you to make optimum decisions."

The Pocket Cards Rank tool displays its contents both numerically and via a sleek color code, so you should be able to read it on the fly. The site described, "Your Pocket Cards Rank tool displays on the sidebar in three colors. Moreover, the bar displays numerically exactly the percentage it has against all possible starting hands. Therefore, it is easy to read; the higher the result, the better your starting cards are."

PokerTableStats offers three subscriptions to suit every budget and every need. First up is the Basic plan, which runs $5.99 per month and does not include HUD support. Also available is the Pro plan, which costs $7.99 per month and gives you use of a HUD. Finally, PokerTableStats' Gold plan will run you $9.99 per month and includes a HUD as well as priority support.

The program also includes cloud storage, a Draw Meter, mini HUD stats, HUD stats, the ability to see opponents' mucked cards, tournament calculations like Harrington's M, real-time pot odds, real-time hand strength, and support for 28 languages.

Visit PokerTableStats today.

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