NoteCaddy Edge Releases Tournament Pack

Date: 2013-03-02
Author: Jason Glatzer

Are you an online tournament player who wants to get an extra edge on your competition?  Check out NoteCaddy Edge, which just released a special pack for tournament players.

NoteCaddy Edge has a proven track record in improving the profitability of cash game and sit and go players.  Due to popular demand, the site just released a tournament pack that was in development for months.  This much-anticipated pack includes the look and feel of the previous packs and should help any tournament player with a large database of hand histories better understand their opponents' tendencies.

In order to use any of the NoteCaddy Edge packs, you must already own Holdem Manager 2 and the built-in NoteCaddy Premium add-on.  While installing the software is not as simple as most downloads you'll find, the site has a very detailed installation guide as well as top-notch support to guide you through the process.

The NoteCaddy Edge Tournament Pack comes with 118 note definitions and 55 badges including opposite badges.  If this is not enough, the software also comes with one free custom-designed definition.  Also, from seeing in the past how often NoteCaddy Edge updates its various packs due to the high demand for new definitions and badges, we can expect more to come in the future.

When first using a NoteCaddy Edge pack, I would consider just practicing in your Holdem Manager 2 hand history replayer before going onto real games so you can quickly identify the important badges and definitions and know how to react.  If you can’t wait and want to start using NoteCaddy Edge right away, I recommend having the information guide handy on what each badge and definition represents and how to best exploit opponents who are displaying them.

For those of you who are never sure what to include in your HUD, this software also comes with three professionally designed HUDs for basic, regular, and complex setups along with an informative document explaining in detail each HUD layout.  The HUDs also come with custom pop-ups, which provide you a tremendous amount of detail on each statistic without cluttering up your main HUD.  For tough decision-making, having more information behind the main statistic can be helpful before you decide on your plan of action.

Like all of the packs, the Tournament Pack comes with spark graphs.  If you are a heavy tournament multi-tabler, you can very quickly look at the graphs to see all of your opponents' relevant leaks in a hurry so you can make decisions quickly and profitably.

Let’s face it: playing online tournaments is getting tougher every day.  In order to stay ahead of your opponents, you need to be able to outthink them by understanding how they play.  While you should never rely solely on software to make your decisions, having great tools such as NoteCaddy Edge can greatly assist your expected return.  You should also be able to increase the number of tournaments you can profitably handle since you do not need to fully rely on observation to obtain an edge.

The new Tournament Pack is very reasonably priced at $99.  Even if you are a low-limit player, this is a bargain considering that if you are in a tough spot on a final table, a bad decision can cost your hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars.  The NoteCaddy Edge team has complete confidence in their product, which is why they offer a no-questions-asked, 15-day, money-back guarantee on your purchase.  Visit NoteCaddy Edge today.

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