NoteCaddy Plus: 62 Badges, 143 Definitions

Date: 2013-03-16
Author: Jason Glatzer

Are you an online MTT player looking to gain additional insight on your opponents?  You may want to check out what NoteCaddy Plus has to offer.

NoteCaddyPlus was designed with online No Limit Hold’em MTT players in mind.  In order to use NoteCaddy Plus, you must own both Holdem Manager 2 and NoteCaddy Premium.

NoteCaddyPlus works by taking the information you already have in your Holdem Manager 2 database and giving you specifics about your opponents' tendencies.  It comes with two professionally designed custom HUDs.

The stats are organized in a logical order and the information is clearly presented.  There is also a handy document thoroughly explaining the HUD layouts.  You can also click on any HUD of your opponent to receive more information regarding the stats shown.

The software comes with 62 badges including straight shove when holding stack sizes of 7-12bb, 12-20bb, 20-35bb, and 35bb+; Flat call QQ+ AK; Limps Less than 15bb; Player has only 15bb and limps into a raised pot; Raise Fold 15bb; 3B Light; 4B Light; Fire 2 Barrels; and Checks the River; just to name a few.

The badges are very easy to read and understand.  While the 62 badges are less than what some of their competitors are offering, NoteCaddy Plus officials believe they are giving you all of the important badges without complicating things too much by giving you too much information, which might ultimately not be useful to you.

There is also a document that explains each badge that you should keep next to you when first using the software to get used to what the badges represent.  You can also click on any badge to get a quick explanation during game play if having a document next to you is too much when multi-tabling tournaments.

There are 143 different definitions included in the software package, including 2Barrels 1-40%, 41-65%, and 66-100% Pot; 3barrels 1-40%, 41-65%, and 66-100% Pot; 3Bet in the Blinds; 3Bet Light; 4Bet Light; Button Steal; and Call 3Bet with QQ+; just to name a few.  Unlike some of its competitors, most of NoteCaddy Plus' definitions include min-bet and oversize betting.

Most of the definitions come in handy when you are thinking about how to play a particular opponent if you have a decent sample size against them.  Like most NoteCaddy-related packages, NoteCaddy Plus comes with custom spark graphs, which are a quick way for you to tell if your opponents are most likely weak or strong when taking certain actions so you can react appropriately.  

NoteCaddy Plus will not put a hurt on your poker bankroll or wallet since it is reasonably priced at $75, payable via Neteller or Skrill, which is lower than any of its competitors.  Since the program specializes in No Limit Hold’em MTTs, you are receiving expert advice without the need to spend time on games you don’t care about like sit and gos and cash games.

If you are looking to take your online tournament game to the next level, think about how having all of the information that NoteCaddy Plus gives you can help you get there.  Once you see how easy it is to exploit your opponents with this extra information, you might be wondering what you did without this tool.

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