Tournament Poker Edge Adds foulcault82 and Merby

Date: 2013-03-22
Author: Jason Glatzer

If you haven't heard by now, Tournament Poker Edge, one of the most popular poker training sites, has added two new instructors to its stable: Andrew “foulcault82” Brokos and Kevin “Merby” Doerksen.  If you are a tournament player looking to improve your game, there is no better time to check out Tournament Poker Edge, which specializes in videos for tournament players only.

Over his poker career, Brokos has put together quite a resume of tournament finishes.  He has won a $2,100 Two-Day FTOPS event on Full Tilt Poker and has final tabled SCOOP and WCOOP events on PokerStars.  He has also had some success in live tournaments, including cashing five times for three impressive top 100 finishes in the World Series of Poker Main Event.

Doerksen might not have the same success of the felts as Brokos, but brings a unique skill set to Tournament Poker Edge with his in-depth knowledge of matHEMatics.  Doerksen used poker to help finance his education and earned a PhD from Simon Fraser University in 2011.  Besides playing poker, he is an Adjunct Professor of MatHEMatics and is happy to utilize his love and knowledge of poker, math, and teaching to the benefit of Tournament Poker Edge subscribers.

Brokos and Doerksen are currently running very intensive theory video series that are bound to open your eyes to things you haven’t thought about before or haven't thought about enough.

Brokos' series is called “Getting Paid,” which, as you can imagine, is about how to optimize your lines on the felts to get the most number of chips out of your opponents.  Obviously, learning how to maximize your profit when you have a winning hand is a crucial part of poker.

Doerksen focuses more on the mathematics behind poker in his series called “MTT Math.”  If you have had trouble with ICM calculations and other mathematical aspects of poker, this series is right for you.  It is surprising to me how little some poker players know about math.  The better you understand concepts like ICM, the more understanding you will have of when you should push or fold in a sit and go or the final table of a tournament.

I caught up with Tournament Poker Edge co-founder Derek “Killingbird” Tenbusch for his thoughts on the new additions to his team.  He excitingly commented, “I'm really excited about adding Andrew and Kevin to the Tournament Poker Edge roster. Andrew's past training videos were a big influence early on in my poker career. Math-focused videos are something that our members have been asking for, so to add Kevin, a math professor, to the team is really great for our community.”

Tournament Poker Edge’s library includes over 600 videos and it is adding about four videos a week to its arsenal.  Besides the two new instructors, the site has an impressive cast of trainers including Casey “bidogpckt5s” Jarzabek, who impressively chopped the Sunday Million on PokerStars two weeks in a row earlier this year.  Other trainers you might recognize include Mike “goleafsgo” Leah, Daryl “aaaaaaaa” Jace, Lee Childs, James “Riverman123”Lambert, Jamie Kerstetter, Justin “looshle” Pechie, David “betudontbet” Emmons, and Tim “TTWIST” Kelly.

If you are interested in checking out Tournament Poker Edge, the site is very reasonably priced at $29.95 per month, $84.95 for three months, or $299.95 for a full year.  Unlike many of its competitors, there are no sign-up fees.  So, why not check out Tournament Poker Edge today?

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Tayyab's Comment

2013-09-15 14:42:58

he is tenlilg how he is tenlilg how to play poker when playing for real money not how to play for fun, all you stupid players play every hand, if someone show you two aces and you have 2 kings you would still call stupid bingo play ever hand players Was this answer helpful?


Pravin's Comment

2013-09-16 01:59:34

Thanks Steve, was a fun week learning the cosure! Feel the preparation has been good, just have to execute next week! Hope your ripping it up back in England!


Ronalee's Comment

2013-09-18 13:27:06

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Sabar's Comment

2013-09-20 07:29:19

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