Poker Software Revealed with Kevin Eyring (P0KERDUUDE)

Date: 2013-07-27
Author: Jason Glatzer

We caught up with Kevin “P0KERDUUDE” Eyring straight off his win in the PokerStars MicroMillions Event #2 to talk about his use of poker software. Eyring recently moved out of the United States to Canada to be able to play online poker. He is inching his way toward $1 million in career cashes according to

PokerSoftware: Please tell us which HUD software you use and how you use it.

Kevin Eyring: I use PokerTracker 4. I use it for stats that show how active my opponents are at the table and how aggressive they are. It's very helpful because when I'm playing 20 tables, I can't know how each person is playing at each table, so this gives me a basic idea of that. I know PokerTracker has many other useful features, but I mainly only use it for the HUD. I also find PokerTracker to be helpful for tracking progress in cash games.

PokerSoftware: Line by line, what is in your HUD?

Kevin Eyring: First line: Notes, VPIP, PFR, 3bet Pre-Flop %, 4bet Pre-Flop %

Second line - Player Name, Cbet Flop %, Fold to Cbet %, Hands Abbreviated, Fold to PF 3b %

PokerSoftware: Are there any stats you are considering adding?

Kevin Eyring: Attempt to Steal % and Fold to Button Raise % are two stats I should probably have in my HUD. However, I don't want to overload my screen with numbers, as it's already pretty full.

PokerSoftware: Do you use any of the filters within PT4?

Kevin Eyring: I just learned that you can filter your HUD by the number of blinds each player has. This will be useful to me, as thinking opponents will play hands differently with 50 big blinds compared to only having 10, for example.

PokerSoftware: Are there any improvements you can recommend to PokerTracker 4?

Kevin Eyring: At times, the software can be somewhat laggy. However, that's understandable given the amount of information it is processing. However, if there were anything that can be done to speed things up, it would improve my experience. Another idea for the future would be to integrate built-in hotkeys. This would be very helpful for playing on multiple sites.

PokerSoftware: Are there times you will rely more on personal observation than your HUD?

Kevin: Yes. If I'm down to a few tables near the end, having the stats helps, but I am able to observe much more at that point and can pay a lot more attention to the game flow. The stats are still helpful because if I see someone who has a 30% VPIP over a large sample, it lets me know a lot about that person. On the other end of the spectrum, if they have a 7% VPIP over a large sample, I can assume their opening ranges are very tight.

PokerSoftware: Do you use any other software to help you mass multi-table?

Kevin Eyring: I only use the hotkey settings within PokerStars.

PokerSoftware: Which hotkeys do you have set up?

Kevin Eyring: Currently, I have three hotkeys I use in PokerStars: "Z" is fold, "C" is call, and "V" is raise. I also have it set to "Send Hotkeys to Table Under Mouse," so it automatically activates the table that my mouse is over, which I really like. It reduces the amount of clicking that I have to do and it's much easier and quicker to fold hands when the action is not on me yet because it can be tough clicking that tiny little fold checkbox when the table is as small as it goes. With the hotkeys, you can just put your mouse anywhere on the table and type "Z".

If you want to reach out to Eyring, you can reach him on PocketFives as P0KERDUUDE or on Twitter under the handle @p0kerduude.

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