Holdem Manager 2 Updates User Interface

Date: 2013-08-18
Author: Dan Cypra

Coming soon, Holdem Manager 2 will roll out an update to its user interface. As a result, "HUD Settings / General Settings" are now broken down into four categories: "Common Settings," "Mucked Cards," "HUD Font," and "Advanced Settings." These distinctions make the overall user experience within Holdem Manager 2 much simpler to manage.

As HM2 officials outlined on the program's blog, "Breaking these options down minimizes what users see on a single screen. If you remember the old 'HUD Settings / General Settings,' you were presented with 30+ options on a single screen. Now, they are broken down into smaller chunks so you are not overwhelmed with options."

The "Common Settings" screen, for example, allows you to hide the hero HUD, use session stats, show the note icon, show the auto-rate icon, show abbreviations, and show the table HUD. A simple checkmark toggles each of these items off and on and other settings to the right let you to customize your experience. A simple "+" allows you to see all options within a category, while a "-" condenses the menu.

Similarly, the "Report Filters / Basic Filters" is broken out into four categories: "Game Stakes and Number of Players," "Common Filters," "Position and Action," and "Vs Player." Once you click the "+" next to each header, you can see what options lie beneath. For example, under "Game Stakes and Number of Players," you'll find options to select the poker site, number of players, currency, stakes, and antes. Just click the "-" and this area will automatically collapse.

Another recent update to Holdem Manager 2 involves the release of Version, which came out on the last day of July. This version added the ability to temporarily disable entries in the "Auto-Import Folders" list. Players who regularly use reports within Holdem Manager 2 might have noticed the correction of an issue where the Tournament Winnings Graph was not matching other reports. Now, all data should match up.

Players on Full Tilt Poker received a bundle of upgrades in the latest version of Holdem Manager 2, including an updated HUD for cash game tables with two-letter names and improved table detection for various tournaments. The rake in Super Turbo Sit and Gos was updated, as was detection of winnings and buy-ins for MTTs with guarantees.

If you follow Holdem Manager on Twitter (@holdemmanager), you'll get plenty of tips from the program's team on how to interpret the various stats within it. A few of the most recent Tweets we found advised:

"Players with a low Cbet % (under 50%): use caution when they C-bet because they generally have a hand."

"If someone is stealing blinds 70% or more, it's time to play back and re-steal from these players with marginal hands."

"Use HM2's Position Report to see win rates broken down by position. You should only be losing money in the blinds."

Visit Holdem Manager 2's website for more details.

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Zeroo's Comment

2013-09-16 02:10:27

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Bernt's Comment

2013-09-17 10:12:09

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Jock's Comment

2013-09-17 23:27:26

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