NoteCaddy Edge MTT Pack Receives Major Makeover

Date: 2013-08-04
Author: Jason Glatzer

If you are an online poker tournament player looking for an edge on your opponents, there is no better way to learn their tendencies than NoteCaddy Edge.

Its developers recently announced enhancements to the program's MTT Pack, making it more attractive to tournament players looking for that extra pickup on their reads on their opponents.

NoteCaddy Edge is a third-party add-on to Holdem Manager 2 and NoteCaddy Premium. The company provides custom HUDs as well as additional information on your opponents in the form of badges and definitions. There is a specialized pack for just about any online poker player; the offerings including packs for No Limit Hold'em and Pot Limit Omaha ring games, sit and gos, and tournaments.

The learning curve to use this software can be rather steep, and this was addressed in the latest update when it added documentation to the badge pop-ups. Its developers have also updated other useful documentation and added a new piece of content called “Recommended NoteCaddy Settings.” I strongly recommend reading all of the documentation provided so you can maximize its potential as quickly as possible.

Another update to NCE added new badges for Folding 3bets based on position and stack sizes, OpenShove - W$SD, and 3BetShove - W$SD. This brings the total badge count in the MTT pack to 37, or 73 including opposite badges. As a poker player, you may not have realized that there could be so many different classifications to understand your opponents' play.

The software also now comes with a new badge display, which should help customers more easily identify the badges. As many online tournament players multi-table, it is important that they can interpret the badges as quickly as possible and spend more time thinking about how to best exploit the tendency being displayed.

The latest NCE MTT Pack update added many new definitions, including pop-ups for shoving, calling shoves, and stacking off pre-flop based off stack size. There are now 153 total definitions, and this number will continue to rise over time if customers are recommending something that's not already included.

NCE also updated the parameters and sample sizes for all color definitions. The definitions are only as useful as the data supplying them, and it is important to periodically review how the data is being interpreted.

The NCE MTT Pack not only comes with badges and definitions, but it also comes with three custom HUDs, spark graphs, and one free custom definition. The program's support is very responsive and can help you walk through anything you should need.

The MTT Pack costs $99, which should more than pay itself back regardless of the stakes you frequent. The software comes with free updates for life and a 15-day money-back guarantee, so if you are an online poker tournament poker player, I recommend trying NoteCaddy Edge's MTT Pack risk-free before your next poker session.

Visit NoteCaddy Edge's website today.

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