PokerTracker 4 Now Supports New PartyPoker Mac and Windows Clients

Date: 2013-10-08
Author: Jason Glatzer

Breaking news: PokerTracker 4 has just released a huge update: Version 4.10.  This update took two months to complete and is filled with tons of useful improvements and new features.  For example, although the hand history files remained the same during recent PokerStars updates, a new auto-centering feature was released in the client.  For those who want to use the new PokerStars feature, rest assured the PokerTracker is supporting it and your HUD stats will appear above the correct players.

For iPoker Network players, PokerTracker now supports time zone offsets.  This is important, as when you are running your daily, weekly, and monthly reports, you will see all of your data displayed consistently.

Full Tilt Poker players can now use the automated request system to import tournament summaries into PokerTracker.  This is great, as it will not only track your finishes, but also those of your opponents.  PokerTracker also just started supporting Full Tilt Poker play money games.  This is perfect for beginning players or those who want to work on a certain aspect of their games and be able to analyze their results later.

This update added support for the new PartyPoker software.  Kudos to PokerTracker for being prepared for this poker client update and supporting it.  In addition, PokerTracker has begun to track play money games on PartyPoker.

As you might be aware, PokerTracker 4 is one of the most robust tracking databases available to Mac OS X poker players.  Accordingly, the update added support for the new 888 Poker Mac client and the updated PartyPoker client.  Mac OS X players who usually feel ignored by most software providers should be thrilled at the dedication the PokerTracker team places on OS X support and updates.

There were also tons of general improvements to the software.  Analyzing results became easier with the ability to reset all simple filters using a "Clear All Filters Above" hyperlink.  The tournament results editor now has a new active player filter option.

A new HUD feature was released, giving the ability to reset stats to see just the past X number of weeks.  This is great when playing against players with huge sample sizes since you can see how they are playing lately instead of historically.  Since many poker players evolve their poker style over time, older stats can be less useful for decision making than newer stats.  The table stats HUD now includes a popup with additional information.

PokerTracker also released new support for Premium HUDs.  Premium HUDs created by third-party developers will be available for purchase and use via PokerTracker.  This is great for those who do not want to spend a lot of time recreating the wheel and see a HUD that is more in tune to the information they are seeking than the standard HUDs.

The hand history replayer also has a new feature: the option to disable equity displays.  While I personally love having equity displays on my replayer, at times it would be useful to have them off to make sure I understood the hand well before seeing the additional information.

There were many other smaller updates, enhancements, and fixes in this update including changes to graphs, the GUI, and TableTracker.  As PokerTracker has proven in this update and in the past, it will continue to keep up with the times and be on the cutting edge of providing the HUD and statistical tracking database its customers demand.

If you haven’t tried out PokerTracker 4, there is a risk-free 30-day trial.  Purchasing PokerTracker won’t set you back much, as the price ranges from $59.99 to $159.99 depending on your stakes and if you want support for both Hold'em and Omaha.  This investment will not only pay itself back quickly from the information you learn about yourself and your opponents, but it will also make your playing experience more enjoyable.  Try PokerTracker 4 today!

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