PokerTableStats: To Draw or Not to Draw?

Date: 2013-11-13
Author: Dan Cypra

Mastering how and when to draw in online poker is critical to success. Most of the time, it's simply a matter of experience – the more you play, the more you'll know when to draw and what hands you're drawing at. With PokerTableStats, a dynamic poker odds calculator, this information will be at your fingertips. How? With the program's Draw Meter.

Here's how PokerTableStats' website explains its Draw Meter: "The Draw Meter shows you how many outs you need to improve your hand - in other words, the odds to improve to a poker hand that has a high probability to win the pot. The strength of a draw is calculated by the number of cards you need on the turn and river to complete the hand. For example: an open-ended straight draw is stronger than an inside straight draw."

What we really like about PokerTableStats is its on-screen display. It's color-coded using the familiar red, yellow, and green display that's similar to a stoplight. Information sent to PokerSoftware narrates how the Draw Meter uses the color palette: "If it has a strong green color, you are sure that your hand is very strong. If it is yellow, it means that your cards are not strong enough to outplay anybody. If it is red, it is better to fold."

The Draw Meter will show you the hand you're drawing to, like a straight or a flush. And, it'll automatically run when connected to an online poker table, so this information will always be available at any given moment.

PokerTableStats also includes displays of your hole card ranking, HUD statistics, opponents' mucked cards, tournament calculations like Harrington M and number of big blinds, pot odds, hand strength, and odds of winning. It's available in 28 languages, which is quite a few.

PokerTableStats is a member of the Recommended Program here on PokerSoftware and has three subscription plans to choose from. Its Basic option runs $5.99 per month, but does not include a HUD. Its Pro version is $7.99 per month and comes complete with a HUD, while the Gold version of PokerTableStats is $9.99 per month and comes with a HUD and priority support. Visit PokerTableStats' website for more details.

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