Say Hello to the All-New PokerCube

Date: 2013-11-11
Author: Jason Glatzer

If you are looking for a Heads-Up Display and are not sure where to start, check out PokerCube.  The company has recently redesigned its software, making it better than ever, and we are thrilled to have PokerCube join PokerSoftware as a Recommended Program!

PokerCube is a cloud-based HUD, hand replayer, social networking tool, and hand storage tool packaged together, providing any Texas Hold'em player what they need to exploit their opponents, improve their game, and share hands with friends.

Downloading and getting started with PokerCube couldn't be any easier.  You can quickly create an account by providing PokerCube some simple information about yourself or log in with your Facebook or Twitter credentials.

Using PokerCube is just as easy as pie since all its features are very intuitive to use.  When first getting started, the software will recognize where some of your hand history files are stored.  If for any reason PokerCube can't find where you store your hand histories for a particular poker site, you can tell the software where the hand history directory is located.

Once you are set up, all you need to do is have PokeCube running while you are playing on your favorite online poker site and you will automatically be able to take advantage of PokerCube's state-of-the-art PACE HUD.  The PACE HUD has a clear design, providing you all of the important stats you need to exploit your opponents.  One of the best features of this HUD is the fast-forward button, which shows different stats on yourself and your opponents on different streets.  Since all of your hands are stored on PokerCube's cloud, you will have access to your HUD if you use more than one computer to play online.

If you like what you are hearing so far, you will love the rest of PokerCube's major features.  The HTML5 hand history replayer is one of the best replayers we have seen.  The sleek design of the replayer makes it more enjoyable for you to review your hands or share them with your friends.

Sharing hands with PokerCube doesn't get any easier.  It is very easy to find the hand you are looking for with their filters for poker sites, date ranges, profit and loss ranges, and card combinations.  Once you find the hand you are looking for, you'll have instant access to watch the hand yourself or share it on Facebook and Twitter.

You are also provided a web address for each hand, making it easy to share with your friends on Skype or in a poker forum.  The web address makes it possible to view your hands on any type of computer, smartphone, or tablet.

The software makes playing poker more fun with the ability to win badges, achievements, experience points, and coins.  As you earn badges and achievements, you can convert them into experience points and coins.  There are plans in the near future to use coins for challenges with your other PokerCube friends.  While this might not matter in terms of profit and loss, making poker more fun makes it more likely for you to want to play more.

PokerCube also contains post-game analysis tools.  You can analyze your game within the software and quickly find hands you most want to review.  Since everything is stored in a cloud, you don't need to worry about your computer's performance dragging when taking advantage of this or any of the PokerCube features.

Why not try PokerCube and use all these great features the next time you are playing poker online?  The software is free, compatible with most major poker networks, and an excellent tool for any poker player.  Enjoy all of the great features PokerCube has to offer today.  Learn more.

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