Get HUD and Mini HUD Statistics with PokerTableStats

Date: 2013-12-30
Author: Dan Cypra

If you use the PokerTableStats online poker odds calculator we've talked about several times here on PokerSoftware, you probably know you can take advantage of its robust Heads-Up Display. The program's HUD sits right on an online poker table when you're playing and shows stats like Number of Hands, Fold to 3bet, Fold to Cbet, Fold to Raise, Fold to Bet, Raise, 3bet, Bet, Check-Raise, Cbet, and Aggression Factor. Each is presented as a very easy-to-read number.

PokerTableStats actually utilizes two different types of HUD stats, regular HUD stats and a Mini HUD. Text sent to PokerSoftware explains, "Our software distinguishes two options of HUD stats: usual HUD stats and Mini HUD stats. Mini HUD stats are displayed under each player on the table… Classic HUD stats are displayed in additional window. You can view statistics that are more detailed on given players and learn valuable information on blind stealing, broken down into positions. Both statistics in the software will help you discover your opponents' playing styles and check mistakes usually made by them."

The information used in PokerTableStats' HUD is stored in its cloud, meaning you can have access to the data on multiple computers. Its developers explain that no one else can get access to data you send to the cloud: "Every registered user has a private database. The statistics are available only for them."

The HUD shows stats broken down by overall, pre-flop, and on the flop, allowing you to see how your opponents' habits change throughout the course of a hand. As an added bonus, PokerTableStats is white-listed by PokerStars, so you won't have to worry about using it on the world's largest online poker room. You can also customize what's displayed in the HUD in order to optimize your experience.

If you're interested in buying the software, there's a free two-day trial you can take advantage of to test it out. If you're hooked, you can purchase PokerTableStats using one of three subscription plans: the Basic version runs $5.99 per month, the Professional version is $7.99 per month, and the Gold version costs $9.99 per month. The Professional and Gold plans include HUD statistics and the ability to store your hands in a private database in the cloud.

Check out PokerTableStats' website today for more details.

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