Inside Look at PokerCoach's Scenario Feature

Date: 2013-12-03
Author: Jason Glatzer

If you want to improve your No Limit Hold'em cash game play, look no further than PokerSnowie's PokerCoach 2.  The software is a post-game analytical tool designed to identify situations that were played sub-optimally and recommend a preferred course of action.

One of the best aspects about PokerCoach 2 is its new scenario feature, which allows you to set up any situation you can think of and see what the best possible moves are.  There are different input variables for number of players, stack sizes, hole cards, and betting rounds, just to name a few.

This new feature is helpful in the following scenarios:

1. Live play – Rehash hands you played to make sure you took the optimal line.  Reviewing your live game while it is still fresh in your mind can help you make better decisions the next time.  While it is not recommended to use PokerCoach 2 while playing poker, you can use your breaks from the action to analyze hands in detail or jot down hands you want to remember for future review.

2. Watching poker – See how the professionals on TV or your friends online are playing their hands.  Just because someone is a poker pro doesn't mean they always make the best decisions.  Often, people take the selected hands shown on TV and feel they are learning from the best when in fact hands on TV are not always played in an ideal fashion.

3. Change an online hand you played to provide different parameters for review – For example, even if you played your K-T suited correctly in a certain situation, would it still be correct if you had more or fewer blinds or if you had K-9 suited instead?  This is not all you are limited to, as you can change your seat, board cards, bet amounts, and review actions on future streets if a hand ended at the flop or turn.  In my opinion, this is one of the best features of the software and is also one of the ways you can improve what ranges of cards you should play and how you should potentially play them.

In other news from PokerCoach, a couple of weeks ago, PokerSnowie's Johannes Levermann was invited to join PokerXFactor instructor Eric "Sheets" Haber to discuss PokerCoach 2 during a webinar.  Levermann discussed his background and gave a history of PokerSnowie before talking about how PokerCoach 2 can be used as a training tool to convert novice players into winning players.

The discussion progressed to other aspects of Poker Coach 2, including pre-flop tables, range advice, hand and betting strengths, post-flop play, heads-up strategy, and an overall summary.  Haber and Levermann opened up the webinar to a 30-minute question and answer session.  The webinar is a can't-miss for anyone looking for ways to improve their profitability.  You can watch it for free on the PokerCoach blog.

PokerCoach 2 can help players on all levels improve their game.  Its scenario feature allows you the flexibility to go wherever your mind takes you.  The software comes with a 10-day free trial and afterward is €119 for a one-year license.  Check out PokerCoach 2 today.

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