PokerSnowie Releases Major AI Update

Date: 2014-11-04
Author: Jason Glatzer

It has been over a year since the poker training software PokerSnowie first introduced its artificial intelligence to the world.  The software that has helped train many players just got even better with a significant update to its core artificial intelligence.
According to the PokerSnowie blog, in the past year, the software's AI has been refining non-stop on using algorithms on a large computer cluster.  This intense training has resulted in several areas that needed refinement as the neural network gained experience.  The result: new AI based off this and valuable PokerSnowie member feedback.
PokerSnowie provides two examples of how the enhancement has improved the artificial intelligence's core performance: donk bets in multi-way pots and monotone boards.
An example of where the software refined itself for donk bets in multi-way pots is as follows.  Let's say in a three-way pre-flop limped pot you are second to act with Q-8 offsuit on a J-10-9 rainbow board, giving you second nuts since you only lose to K-Q.
The first opponent makes a pot-sized bet.  Previously, the software would have advised a fold with a negative 0.03 EV to call or raise.  While this play may be un-exploitable, most of us can agree it also isn't optimal that the software is telling us to behave so tightly.
The new PokerSnowie artificial intelligence now recognizes that a fold is not the best move and recommends in this situation to call 76% of the time and raise the other 24% of the time with an EV for either move at a positive 3.99.
The other example of the software's improved brain is on monotone boards, or boards where all the suits of the cards are the same.  For example, let's say you have 10-8 of spades on a K-J-5 of spades board.  I bet you are feeling pretty good about this hand since you flopped third nuts on a board where people tend to continue with top pair, two pair, and straight and flush draws.
PokerSnowie was advising people to be tight here and to fold to a single opponent betting $10 into a $13 pot.  Oddly enough, the software was correctly advising a call with lower flushes in this same scenario.  The artificial intelligence corrected itself, explaining the best move here is to call with a very high EV of 10.59.

PokerSnowie will explain in a future blog how the software's artificial intelligence has improved for multi-way pots and blind-versus-blind situations.  Stay tuned as we learn more how one of the top poker artificial intelligence brains has improved itself with its training from the past year.  Visit PokerSnowie and see for yourself today!

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