Effectively Reviewing Hands with Leak Buster

Date: 2014-12-12
Author: Jason Glatzer

If you are a cash game player looking to improve your profitability, there may be no better path to do so than plugging your leaks.  Let's face it, more and more players are using advanced HUDs such as AJackson Advantage and NoteCaddy Edge to pinpoint your weaknesses and attack.  A great way to defend is identifying and plugging your leaks with the leading leak busting software, Leak Buster 4.
Leak Buster 4 takes hands you have stored in your Hold'em Manager or PokerTracker database and scans through your stats to advise you of where your biggest leaks are.
Leak Buster recently wrote a two-part blog titled, "Improve Your Review with Leakbuster" with a mission to help players make the most of their software.
Part 1 of the blog focuses mostly about seeking help from others on poker forums by posting your biggest leaks.  Leak Buster 4 makes it easy to identify, review, and post your most leaky hands.
By reviewing your most leaky hands in the replayer and running them through the software's equity calculator, you should have an idea why a particular hand was not played optimally.  You may also have some questions about the hand.

No matter how basic or difficult your question may be to answer, there is no cost or harm in posting questions on popular poker forums such as TwoPlusTwo and PocketFives.  Many qualified players take time out to review posts.  Some do it to give back to the community, while others give unhindered advice so they can go through the thinking process themselves and improve their knowledge.
Part 2 of the blog focuses on the ease of use of the equity calculator while reviewing hands.  The equity calculator is a pop-out tool that allows you to see your equity in any hand without needing to manually type anything in.  Accessing the equity calculator is as simple as right-clicking on any hand and selecting "Run Equity Calculator."
The equity calculator also allows you to adjust your opponents' ranges, add players, enter bluff calculations, and export the hand in a poker forum format with or without equity calculations already listed.  All of this can be done with just a click of the mouse or two, giving you more time studying and less time finding what you are looking for.
Being able to adjust hand ranges is perhaps the most important tool to many players since you can factor in what you perceive opponents' ranges to be or what his actual range should be based off historical stats if you have a large enough sample size.  Your equity against a very nitty player is vastly different than your equity against a very loose player.
Leak Buster 4 makes plugging your leaks quick and easy.  Why not improve your performance on cash ring game tables and give the software a try today?

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