Hold'em Manager Now Accepting Bitcoin

Date: 2015-01-31
Author: Jason Glatzer

On January 29, Hold'em Manager announced on its support forum that it will now accept Bitcoin in the Hold'em Manager Store.  With the addition of Bitcoin, there are now six ways you can purchase Hold'em Manager 2, with other payment methods being Visa, MasterCard, American Express, PayPal, and Neteller.
In addition to now being able to purchase Hold'em Manager 2 with Bitcoin, poker players who already own the software can also purchase Hold'em Manager 2 apps, provided that they are not subscription-based.
This means that NoteCaddy Premium, Leak Buster 4.0, SitNGo Wizard 2, Tilt Breaker, and most of the Table Scanner 2 services can all be purchased with this virtual currency.  Bitcoin is not currently accepted for the subscription-based apps TableNinja II and the Table Scanner 2's Insta-Scan service.
While we are aware of one or two other software companies that currently accept Bitcoin, Hold'em Manager by far is the biggest poker software provider to do so.  This not only adds further legitimacy of Bitcoin as a viable currency to buy and sell goods and services, but also paves the way for other big and small poker software companies to also open up this option.
According to insiders at Max Value Software, the parent company to Hold'em Manager and PokerTracker, the group plans to expand the acceptance of Bitcoins to those interested in purchasing PokerTracker 4.  When these two poker software beHEMoths both accept Bitcoin, we'd expect that anyone who quickly doesn't follow suit will be quickly behind the game and potentially lose customers who are interested in paying anonymously.
Since Satoshi Nakamoto introduced Bitcoin as an open-source software more than five years ago, the world has seen it grow from a currency that was only met with skepticism to a currency that's now widely accepted.  This is partially due to big-name companies such as Amazon, CVS, Kmart, Sears, and Gap allowing customers to pay via virtual currency.  You can even buy something for your significant other at Victoria's Secret via Bitcoin, which is huge if she happens to review your banking statements and you wanted to surprise her with a gift.
It appears that Bitcoins are here to stay.  It should be of little surprise that an innovative company like Hold'em Manager is ahead of the curve by accepting this form of payment before just about every other online poker software provider.
If you are interested in owning Hold'em Manager 2, or already own it and are interested in one of the non-subscription based apps, why not be one of the first to make your purchase via Bitcoin?  Before you purchase, you can try the software out on a free trial to make sure it helps you as much as advertised.  Check it out.

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