Overview of Hold'em Manager Apps

Date: 2015-01-01
Author: Jason Glatzer

If you are using Hold'em Manager 2, you are already enjoying one of the most power poker tracking databases and HUDs available.  But do you know the power of the HM2's apps?  The HM2 apps can help you get even further ahead in your game compared to just using Hold'em Manager.  Here is a look at the apps you can purchase in the HM2 app store.
NoteCaddy Premium can take notes for you automatically, giving you even more information on your opponents.  HM2 already provides a limited version of NoteCaddy for free to give you a taste of the power of this app.  NoteCaddy is fully programmable, allowing you to use prepackaged programs such as NoteCaddy Edge, or you can design your own auto-notes.  The software costs $74.77 for either the Hold'em or Omaha versions and should pay itself quickly given the extra information you have to exploit your opponents' tendencies.
TableNinja II is a must for any player who wants to maximize the number of tables they wish to play at one time profitably.  The software can help you automatically open tables, manage your wait lists, have preset betting sizes, enjoy useful hotkeys, manage your sit and go registration, manage your time bank, and provide a table organizing scheme through its NinjaVision feature.  This software costs as little as $4.99 a month for the Lite version up to $150 per year for the Pro version.  You can save a few bucks if you just play on PokerStars by buying the Pro version for $75.
Leak Buster 4 is perfect for any cash game player looking to automatically plug their leaks.  The software can identify hundreds of leaks that you may not even know about.  There are separate Leak Buster apps for No Limit Hold'em, Limit Hold'em, and Pot Limit Omaha starting at just $49.99.  Even if you plug just one leak, you will more than pay back the software while improving your skills and knowledge about your game.
Table Scanner 2 is another app for cash game players to get ahead of their competition by finding the softest tables across many sites.  The software scans tables based on the data in your HM2 database, identifying the most profitable tables for you to play on.  Subscriptions start at $14.99 per month, which is a bargain to avoid playing with the sharks.
If you play sit and gos, besides considering owning TableNinja II, you should also have a look at SitNGo Wizard 2.  This app will help you find costly mistakes in your game, especially late in the game when ICM decisions may dictate a different play compared to a deep-stacked situation not near the money.  This app costs $99 and should allow you to comfortably improve your game and quickly improve your win rate.
Tilt Breaker is the last HM2 app available within the HM2 software.  This app is perfect for making sure you are not tilting off your bankroll and limiting unnecessary losses due to fatigue or tilt.  The software identifies the thresholds where you typically start to lose money and will end your session via a variety of stop-loss and bankroll management tools.  Even the best players tilt money off unnecessarily.

Visit Hold'em Manager's website for more details.

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