Winamax Launches Short Track Tables

Date: 2015-01-07
Author: Jason Glatzer

It's here!  Winamax recently introduced new high-octane tables aptly named Short Track to its poker client.  Short Track tables are following the industry trend of catering to recreational players by setting the buy-in at five big blinds and essentially making decisions on most hands to going all-in or folding pre-flop.
The name Short Track comes from short tracks on ice skating rinks where the action is fast and furious.  Therefore, it should be of little surprise that these tables feature an ice skating rink background.
Short Track tables are easy to find; just click on "Table" on the toolbar and select "Short Track."  The games are available at all limits, starting at €0.01/€0.02 for a €10 buy-in all the way up to €25/€50 for a €250 buy-in.  Gameplay is only currently available in No Limit Texas Hold'em.
Whether these games will be beneficial to the poker ecosystem is debatable.  On the one hand, these games are great for new players who want to make as few decisions as possible.  On the other hand, new or recreational players will not learn how to best play when they have a deep stack or learn to play a solid post-flop game in these games, stunting their overall growth.

Also, the average effective rake per hand on these tables is expected to be higher than other cash game hands on normal tables with similar buy-ins since the percentage cap will, most of the time, never be hit, especially at lower limits.
If you are an experienced push-fold player, you may want to consider checking out these games, especially now when they are first introduced.  While the variance in these games should be much higher than other cash games, those with a near-perfect knowledge of when to shove or when to fold should come out on top.
We have already witnessed some Winamax players build big stacks on Short Track tables, really putting these players to the test.  It is one thing to know when to shove or fold five big blinds, but if you have a big stack, it may be difficult to know when to raise, shove, or fold a 30 big blind stack when a 12 big blind stack and a 50 big blind stack are yet to act.  We have also witnessed many players hitting-and-running at these tables to avoid playing with a big stack against other small stacks.
If you have already played these games or are about to try them for the first time, please let us know what you think.  Visit Winamax for more details.

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