Microgaming Now Allowing Players to Change Screen Names Frequently

Date: 2015-09-15
Author: Jason Glatzer

The Microgaming Poker Network, whose network hosts over two-dozen online poker operators including Stan James Poker and 32Red Poker, has made the decision will allow its players to change their screen names almost as frequently as they want.
Starting on September 22 for some Microgaming skins, players will be able to change their screen name every 1,000 real money hands or every 30 days, whichever comes first.  This means higher volume players will be able to change their screen names once a day or even more, while even the lowest volume players will have a chance to do so once a month.
If recreational and professional players are changing their screen names often, seating scripts and services from datamining sites will become less useful on the online poker network, and in some cases obsolete.  Table selecting to prey on weak players will be more difficult.
Microgaming Poker Network Head of Poker Alex Scott confirmed that protecting the network's weaker players is the main catalyst for the new feature, telling PokerFuse, "The intention behind this [new feature] is simple: we want to stop parasitic players from ruthlessly pursuing weaker players."
Scott also suggested that players jumping from skin to skin to obtain a new screen name was another reason for the new feature: "We also want regs to play each other once in a while and we don't want players to create a new account with a new poker room just because their alias is unlucky."
What the impact of this new feature will be on the network's weaker players is unknown.  Although most people feel this should help weaker players, stronger players can also change their screen names frequently too.
Microgaming plans to closely analyze the new policy.  Although Scott believes the current parameters are sufficient to protect its players, changes can be quickly made as needed.  "The limit is configurable and we can easily reduce (or increase) the number if our analysis of the effects shows that this would be appropriate," Scott stated.
Let us know what you think of this new feature available on the Microgaming Poker Network.  How successful will it be and should other sites follow suit?

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