What's in Your HUD with Ricardo Teixeira (rickyt88)

Date: 2015-09-02
Author: Jason Glatzer

We sat down with Vancouver's Ricardo "rickyt88" Teixeira to learn about his poker life and what software he uses.  Here is what he had to say.

PokerSoftware: Can you tell us about yourself and your poker career?

Ricardo Teixeira: I've been playing poker for years on and off. I've always been in love with the game, but I wasn't sure I could make a living off of it. A couple poker friends started off the year with good results and it made me realize it's definitely possible to make a living off poker and worth a shot.

In April, while working full-time, I made a commitment to play and study for 200 hours and had a great month. I was playing every day after work and all day on weekends. In May, I also had a pretty good month and I approached YugiohPro asking for a mentorship earlier in the year and he agreed to do it partway through May, but only if I could play full-time.

I liked my job, so it was a tough decision, but I felt the opportunity was too great to pass. I quit my job confident that I would make more money and enjoy my life more playing poker, especially with the help and mentorship of YugiohPro. I've been working with him since mid-May and taken my game to another level, but I still have lots to work on.

PokerSoftware: What poker software do you use while playing or for studying purposes?

Ricardo Teixeira: I mainly use Hold'em Manager 2 and the Sharkscope profit HUD while playing. I study a lot of push/fold spots with ICMIZER after sessions and occasionally run hands and scenarios through Flopzilla or Simple Post-Flop with my coach.

PokerSoftware: How is your Hold'em Manager 2 HUD set up line by line?

Ricardo Teixeira:
1st line: Total Hands, Total VPIP, Total PFR, Total Limp, Postflop Aggression Factor, Total Raise First In, BB raise vs 1 limper

2nd line: SB Open Limp, Total 3-bet, Total Fold to 3-bet, Bet vs Missed C-bet Total

3rd Line: Flop Cbet, Fold to Flop Cbet, Flop Check-Raise CB OOP, Flop Donk Bet, BB Call steal, BB fold vs SB steal

4th Line: EP RFI (Raise First In), MP RFI, CO steal, BTN steal, SB steal

PokerSoftware: Which stats are most important to you?

Ricardo Teixeira: I think the stats I use the most are the raise first in and steal stats. It helps put people on ranges and I can decide to 3-bet light versus people who are taking raise first in spots from different positions too often.

PokerSoftware: How important is your HUD to your game?

Ricardo Teixeira: I think I could play well without it, but having it really helps, especially multi-tabling where I won't notice how tight or loose a player is playing otherwise.

PokerSoftware: You mentioned you also use the Sharkscope HUD.  How are you using it?

Ricardo Teixeira: I toggle it on and off when I'm deep in a poker tournament and color-code opponents based on profits, so a losing player I would mark purple and a good player I'd mark red.

PokerSoftware: What about Flopzilla? Can you tell us how you are using this software?

Ricardo Teixeira: I've used it to analyze spots to see how my range hits certain boards versus other players' ranges. I've mainly tested it to see how my CO steal does versus a BU flatting and my BU steal versus a BB flatting and how well my range does in BB versus tight EP raises and BU steals.

PokerSoftware: Have you tried mobile poker?

Ricardo Teixeira: I don't have a cell phone and my iPad broke, but I have tried it during work breaks in the past. I think it's pretty cool. I wouldn't play higher stakes tournaments on a mobile, though, since I feel people are missing out on too much information.

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