Everything You Need to Know About HH Dealer

Date: 2015-10-09
Author: Dan Cypra

There has been a lot of talk lately of online poker sites changing their policies to make third-party poker software less effective.  However, one thing that can make your software more powerful is supplementing the hands in your database with the help of HH Dealer.
HH Dealer provides poker players with hand histories in games they were unlikely involved in.  If you import these hands into your poker tracking database, your HUD will instantly be more robust, thus providing you a more accurate profile of how your opponents play.
Also, if you use any table selection software to help you find the best tables online, HH Dealer can make this search more accurate.
There are two ways you can take advantage of HH Dealer.  The first way is a bulk purchase, which we recommend the first time you using HH Dealer.  This is also good if you are playing on a poker site for the first time.  When using this service, you will be charged a one-time fixed cost that is dependent of the number of hands and the stakes you ask for.
If you have already been using HH Dealer for a while, we recommend that you switch over the site's subscription service.  Once again, the price will vary depending on the site and stakes, however, the main difference here is that you will be receiving fresh hands every single day.
What's great about using this plan is that since you are receiving hands every day, you know your information is as up to date as possible.  Many poker players change their poker styles, so it is important to look at hands that are the most recent ones and not ones that are already stale.
While we mentioned that the price varies depending on what you purchase, the site guarantees that it is the cheapest in town.  In fact, if you find what you purchased anywhere cheaper, just inform the site via email.  HH Dealer will not only match that price, but also reward you with a 20% discount on top of that.
Get ahead of the competition and check out HH Dealer today.
Please check the terms of service at your online poker room before using HH Dealer.

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