Learn from the Best at Ivey League

Date: 2015-10-20
Author: Jason Glatzer

You don't have to be a poker player to have heard of Phil Ivey.  For many years, Ivey has been one of the top names in poker, often seen dominating nosebleed games online and being the fifth highest live poker tournament winner of all time according to The Hendon Mob at over $23 million in cashes.
What you might not know is that you can learn from Phil Ivey himself on his poker training site, Ivey League.  Ivey League not only features the legend himself, but also over 30 other impressive instructors including Patrik "FinddaGrind" Antonius, Cole "CTS" South, Andrew "luckychewy" Lichtenberger, Chris "Fox" Wallace, and Griffin "Flush_Entity" Benger.
What's great about Ivey League isn't just the constant amount of fresh content, but also its variety.  There are videos produced by some of the best players in poker for just about any type of game you can think of in just about any format.  No matter what you wish to brush up on or learn more about, you can find it at Ivey League.
Additionally, the site touches on facets of the game that might not impact poker directly, but are just as important to conquer to be successful on the felts.  Mental coach Pawel Piotr Jablonski might not teach you when to raise and when to fold particular hands in certain situations, but he can help you have the best mindset to play your game.  If you can't be mentally prepared to play poker, no matter how good you are, you are setting yourself up to fail.
Jablonski recently released the second part of a series called "MentalCoach – Fundamentals of Motivation."  In this series, you can learn how to be mentally motivated to play your heart out whenever you play.  No matter how motivated you may be, there must have been a time in the recent past where you felt unmotivated to grind.  Either you played anyway and didn't play your best game or you took time off.  Both of these options will not help you earn as much as possible.
The Graduate Plan of Ivey League will set you back $75 a month or $500 a year and this price is well worth it considering the value you will receive for your money.  However, if you aren't prepared to spend this much, you should definitely consider what might be the biggest bargain in poker training with the $9 a month or $70 a year Bachelors Plan.
While the Bachelors Plan will not give you access to every instructional video on the site, it will give you plenty of variety.  In case you were wondering, this plan also includes the ability to help your mental game with Jablonski's latest series.
Learn from the best and check out Ivey League.  If you do, I highly recommend to improve your mental outlook by checking out the latest installment by Pawel Piotr Jablonski.

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