Advanced Poker Training Adds What's the Nuts Feature

Date: 2015-11-09
Author: Jason Glatzer

The 2015 World Series of Poker final table kicked off on Monday.  All of the November Niners began that tournament with a huge stack of 300 big blinds.  With these kind of chip stacks, it is often surprising when we see players all-in without having the nuts.

With this in mind, Advanced Poker Training just released a fun and addicting game called "What's the Nuts?" where you can see if you can perfectly recognize when you have the nuts.  The game works by giving you 10 minutes to get through 100 hands.  When we first heard about this game, Advanced Poker Training told us that not one of their members were able to get through every hand correctly.

If you think you can quickly recognize whether you have the nuts or not, it might be worth checking out.  Something that just about every experienced poker player thinks is second nature might not be when they're put under a time crunch.
Advanced Poker Training shared with us three reasons their pros gave as to why players might misjudge whether or not they have the nuts.  The first one is just simply not knowing if they have the nuts.  This is not usually the case with any experienced player; however, it is easy to see how new players might make that mistake.  For example, a player might think they are all set if they have an ace in their hand on an A-A-Q-Q board not realizing that another player might have Q-Q for four of a kind.
Another common mistake is looking at a board and/or hands too quickly and misreading the situation.  Learning to quickly read a board might not be that important in live poker where you can usually take your time.  However, if you playing online, especially if you are multi-tabling or playing fast-fold poker, you need to be able to minimize the number of mistakes you make from having to make decisions quickly.
The last reason Advanced Poker Training gave is simply being blind by the nuts.  In this case, you think you have a hand that is literally impossible to beat and you subconsciously make yourself feel invisible.  The training site shared with us a great reference from the classic cult poker movie "Rounders" where in the opening scene this happened.
Whether you think you have mastered knowing when you have the nuts or not, in the spirit of the World Series of Poker Main Event final table resuming, see how well you can recognize the nuts.  The better you are at that, the less likely you are to make mistakes when you are playing with a very deep stack in the opening stages of a tournament.  Check out "What's the Nuts?" at Advanced Poker Training today and let us know how well you performed.

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