Beat the Pros at Advanced Poker Training

Date: 2015-11-03
Author: Jason Glatzer

There are many paths for you to improve your poker game including reading books, hiring a coach, and watching instructional videos.  However, possibly the best way to take your game to the next level is with hands-on training provided by Advanced Poker Training.
Advanced Poker Training has many ways to use its artificial intelligence to improve how you play poker.  You can play up to 500 hands an hour and receive detailed analysis along with reports to know exactly what you should focus on.

While it is true you can learn a lot from watching videos, some players are unable to understand how to apply the concepts they learn or know what parts of their game need the most work.  If this describes you, you should benefit more from Advanced Poker Training since the software should identify your problem areas and let you know what you need to do to improve them.
One of the central features of Advanced Poker Training is the Beat the Pro Challenge series.  How Beat the Pro Challenges work is that you choose a pro you wish to challenge along with the challenge you wish to take.
The list of pros you can challenge is not only big, but also impressive.  They all approach poker a little differently and you can learn from all of them.  The group includes Mike Caro, Scott Clements, Ed Miller, Jonathan Little, Lauren Kling, Tom Braband, James Sweeney, Doug Hull, and Steve Stokely.
The newest challenge on the site is Small Pocket Pairs Six-Max, where you play 20 hands and see how you compare to James Sweeney.  This challenge has a rating of Medium and if you have issues with how to play these tricky hands, this is the right challenge for you to undertake.
Once you start the challenge, you will be asked to watch a background video explaining you the concepts behind it.  Once you have absorbed the information in the video, you will play 20 hands against the site's artificial intelligence.  A pro, in this case James Sweeney, also has already completed the exact same 20 hands.
Once you have completed the 20 hands, you can see how you fared up against Sweeny, or another pro if you took a different challenge.  You can watch a video replay of all your actions and receive a very informative audio commentary from the pro who took the challenge about why he chose a certain course of action.

This can prove to be especially helpful if the pro took a different line than you did.  However, even if it was the same line, sometimes you might not realize why your move was the best one and listening to a pro explain it could help you in similar spots down the road.
You can retake the same challenge as many times as you want, or once you have conquered a concept can move onto the many other Challenges hosted by one of the other pros.
There are many reasons to check out Advanced Poker Training.  Subscriptions are very reasonably priced starting at $29.97 a month to $299 for a lifetime license.  If you want to take your poker game to the next level, consider trying Advanced Poker Training today.

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