Introducing Hand2Note Tracking Software and HUD

Date: 2015-11-06
Author: Jason Glatzer

We are pleased to welcome Hand2Note as our newest piece of Recommended Software.  While you may not have heard of Hand2Note before, you should listen up, as using this software can easily add some money to your wallet.
Making decisions based off the best information possible is sometimes the difference between a good and a great online poker player.  It certainly can make a huge difference in terms of results.  Many poker players use poker tracking software that includes a HUD to help them achieve their goals.
However, not all HUDs and tracking software are the same.  Here is where Hand2Note comes in.  The software not only tracks all of your play across most of the biggest online poker rooms, but also behaves in a dynamic fashion by providing you the information that matters most.  It could be a problem to not have the most important information at your disposal when you have to make a quick decision, which is one of the ways Hand2Note differentiates itself from the competition.
Hand2Note is easy to install and quick to use no matter how many hand histories you may have saved up or if you used another piece of poker tracking software in the past.  In our test, we were able to import almost 150,000 hands in 40 seconds and it took a little more than 2 minutes for all of those hands to be calculated by the software.
Using the software is just as easy, as everything is ready to go out of the box.  Of course there are plenty of options to customize your experience, but I recommend when first using the software to just give it a run as it is before hopping into anything more complex.
The two things I like best about the software are its clear and user-friendly interface and the HUD's ability to present the most important information as situations present themselves.
I can't say enough about the interface.  I have reviewed hundreds of pieces of poker software and I can easily say that Hand2Note provides the clearest and most pleasant design of any poker tracking software I have looked at.  It has a more Windows 8 feel than any other poker software I can currently think of.
The HUD also has the ability to change itself based on the situations involved.  So if you have a sufficient sample size, the information here can be very invaluable.  Additionally, a feature I can't remember seeing anywhere else is that the software can remove statistics that are regs vs. fish.  What this means is that when looking at any opponent's stats, the hands you are looking at are only against other players who are most likely like you.  Therefore, your statistics won't be watered down with hands against fish and will present a more accurate situation on how they will behave if you are in the hand.
Another feature which is pretty cool is the ability to take notes on just about anything, including players, stats, and hands.  Additionally, it is a snap to insert a particular hand into a note.  We also absolutely love the smooth design of the hand history replayer.
These are just some of the many great features about the software.  You might think that based off my glowing recommendations that this software will set you back and arm and a leg.  Well, for now that is certainly not the case.  Since the software is still in Beta mode, you can use the software absolutely for free.  It is hard to beat that, so check out Hand2Note risk-free today!

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banihas's Comment

2015-11-10 00:23:02

Looks awesome but with very little english tutorials or guides this can be hard to use for beginners unless you speak Russian.

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