Tournament Poker Edge Adds Justin Ouimette (birddy420)

Date: 2015-11-30
Author: Jason Glatzer

While there are many ways to improve your poker game, if you play tournaments, there may be no better place to learn from the best than Tournament Poker Edge.
The reason this could be the case is that the site not only specializes in tournaments as its name suggests, but it also has some of the top poker tournament players around explaining concepts in a way you can easily understand and apply them.
The training site's newest instructor is Justin "birddy420" Ouimette. Tournament Poker Edge was quick to take advantage of its newest instructor, releasing a four-part series in November entitled "Justin 'birddy420' Ouimette Premiere Series," where he reviews a complete hand history from the PokerStars Big $55.
The series starts off by reviewing the early stages of the game with concepts of 3-betting, continuation betting, pre-flop play, post-flop play, and how to use a HUD to help influence decisions.  By the end of the series, Ouimette is demonstrating similar concepts on the final table of the tournament.
Also in November, TPE released the final three parts of the six-part series called "Sunday Million Member Leakfinder with Arvydas Merfeldas."  Merfeldas takes apart the later stages of this tournament, including the final table bubble, pointing out things he agreed with and what he might have done differently.
This isn't the only content released by Merfeldas, as TPE also released a short-clip entitled "Stop and Go: Calling 3-Bets Out of Position."  This is a concept many players make mistakes with and should help plug some leaks the site's members have.
For those of you who enjoy higher stakes tournaments, or hope to one day be able to play in them, you should learn many important concepts in Andrew "foucault82" Brokos' five-part series entitled "WCOOP $2K Hand Review with Andrew Brokos."  You can watch from beginning to end how Brokos breaks down the tournament.
Two other of the site's newest instructors also released videos this month: Kyle "IGRINDTHIS" O'Neill and Pete "The Saurus" Morris.  Both instructors debuted their "Premiere Series" in October and it appears that they are likely to be active on the site after continuing to provide quality content in November.
In the series entitled "Kyle "IGRINDTHIS" O'Neill's Live Sweat Shippage, O'Neill reviews the play of his friend in a six-part series.  So far, three parts of the series have been released, which include a wide variety of events with different tournament types and buy-ins.  His friend goes onto win one of the events, making this series not only valuable to learn from, but also fun to watch.
Morris is known throughout the poker world for his poker rap battles.  However, he can also play poker with the best of them and proves it in his newly released series entitled "Pete 'The Saurus' Morris $109 Win Hand History Review."  So far, two of the five parts have been released, with the remaining three parts scheduled to be up on the site in December.  Morris is never short for words and explains all the important aspects of his game on the way to winning this higher stakes tournament.
As you can see, November was an exciting month at Tournament Poker Edge and December promises to provide just as much, if not more, value.  You can watch all of TPE's more than 1,000 videos at the low price of $29.95 per month.  If you're looking for more value, you can sign up for the quarterly plan for $84.95 or the yearly plan for $299.95. Check it out.
In addition to having access to all this great content, all subscription plans include enrollment into the exclusive Tournament Poker Edge University and membership into the site's private community, where you can discuss strategy with fellow members and the site's instructors.

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