Meet Your New Year's Resolutions With Leak Buster 4.0

Date: 2015-12-16
Author: Jason Glatzer

The new year is almost here, which for most of us means it's time to make some New Year's resolutions.  Like many poker players do, we are sure you are likely to include some poker goals on at least part of your list.
If one of your goals is looking to improve your poker game, you should consider checking out Leak Buster 4.0.  At its name suggests, Leak Buster 4.0 can help you identify all your leaks, especially your biggest ones.  The software will identify areas in your game that are costing you big money on the felts, while also providing advice on how to turn these weaknesses into strengths.
The software seamlessly works directly with your Hold'em Manager 2 or PokerTracker 4 databases and can crunch through tons of hands in no time.  When we tested a database that contained almost 30,000 hands, it took less than 90 seconds for the program to process all the data and be ready to provide us with where we needed to fix leaks.
Leak Buster 4.0 is truly the gift that keeps on giving.  Once you plug your biggest leaks, the software will keep identifying other areas for you to improve.  The fact is you will be unlikely to be able to plug every single one of your leaks, but you should keep working on them.   The software will help you get as close to perfect as possible since it can identify 460 different poker leaks.
While Leak Buster 4.0 costs less than even an hour of coaching from a top poker coach, we know of many players who use the software in coordination with coaching.  For example, we had one player tell us that he spends $150 per hour on coaching.  This is quite a sum, but he deems it to be worth it, as he has seen his game grow.
When we asked him why he uses Leak Buster 4.0 as well as coaching, he was quick to answer that the program has saved him tons of money in coaching dollars due to the exportable coaching report the software provides.  He also told us that the reports identify his problem areas, so he doesn't have to spend money for his coach to find those areas.  He can simply give the report to his coach and let him focus the sessions purely on his problem areas.
The coaching reports also prove to be handy for discussing hands with friends or even posting about poker topics on a forum.
This isn't to say that you should go out and buy expensive coaching since the software will guide you to how to fix your leaks and even has instructional videos to help you along.
Treat yourself this Holiday Season with Leak Buster 4.0.  It will likely help you meet your New Year's resolutions related to poker.  The PokerTracker 4 version starts at just $49.99, while the Hold'em Manager 2 version is slightly more expensive at $59.99.  Check out Leak Buster 4.0 today.

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