PokerTableStats: Perfect for Players of All Skill Levels

Date: 2015-12-30
Author: Jason Glatzer

You should consider checking out PokerTableStats whether you are a relatively new No Limit Hold'em player looking to make 2016 a great year or whether you have played before a need a brush-up on the math behind the game.
The software is a poker odds calculator and HUD all-in one, making it a great tool for most players to advance their poker game as well as their performance.
First off, if you have never used a HUD, the one at PokerTableStats is basic, yet it has the useful information you need to profile your opponents.  In addition to the basic stats of player name, number of hands, VPIP, pre-flop raise, aggression frequency, three-bet, and fold to three-bet, you can pull up a number of other bits of useful information through a pop-up that appears when you click on your HUD.
This software might be right for you if you are already using other poker tracking software, as it is fully compatible with Hold'em Manager and PokerTracker.  There is an option to hide the PokerTableStats HUD in favor of one of the ones you have with these programs as well.  Additionally, although all your hands will be stored in a cloud database by PokerTableStats, you can have your poker tracking software download the hands for analysis.
What truly sets PokerTableStats apart from the competition isn't its easy-to-use HUD, but the software's in-game poker odds calculator.  If the math behind Texas Hold'em has yet to be your strong suit, the software should be right up your alley.
The calculator has too many features to name, but some of the highlights include a hole card ranking meter that shows how strong your hand is, a draw meter to show how many outs there are to improve your hand, tournament calculations such as Harrington Effective M, and your opponents' odds of winning.
Another cool feature of the software is that it has an option to allow its users to automatically tile all the tables on your monitor to maximize screen space.
PokerTableStats is compatible with the world's largest real money online poker room, PokerStars.  This is worth highlighting, as PokerStars has been cracking down on various third-party software.  However, PokerTableStats is fully compliant with its terms of service.
Start 2016 with a bang and see how PokerTableStats can improve your game.  Check out PokerTableStats today.

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inthra's Comment

2016-01-06 08:19:41

I thought about, but because isnˇt on Pokerstars third party tools list, I have asked them, so their answer tonight : " We recently revised our policy on the use of third party tools and services, which has resulted in certain features of "PokerTableStats " becoming prohibited. We are in contact with the developer who has been working on an update for this tool to remain compliant under our revised rules. Once the necessary changes have been made by the developer and verified by us, we will be able to officially permit the use of this tool once again, and its status will be reflected on the third party tools and services page on our website ". So, is already really compatible and functional ?

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