Inside the Hold'em Manager and PokerTracker Forums

Date: 2016-01-27
Author: Jason Glatzer

You may already know that PokerTracker 4 and Hold'em Manager 2 are the leaders in poker tracking and HUD software.  However, you might not know that both have dedicated forums with information on new releases and helpful information.  Additionally, both forums allow customers to ask anything related to either suite, including the apps.
PokerTracker's forum is very simply laid out and easy on the eye.  The most widely used forum is the general PokerTracker 4 forum, where there are questions and discussion about the software. In fact, the questions don't even have to be about the software itself, as one of the more recent threads is entitled, "Advice for high-end PCs."  The forum also has a stickied thread dedicated to providing information on new releases and updates.
Also popular is the "Custom Stats, Reports, and HUD Profiles" forum, where PokerTracker 4 customers can discuss and share – you guessed it – custom stats, reports, and HUD profiles.  The current topics are varied and include "Filter vs specific player," "HM2 stats in PT4," "Reports by site and day of the week," and "What did I do wrong with this stat?"
The forum also contains a special section called "Apps & Premium Add-Ons," which includes forums for TableNinja II, ProPokerHUDs, and HUSNG.  ProPokerHUDs and HUSNG are add-on programs that utilize the software to provide custom information.
The Hold'em Manager forum in some ways appears to be similar to that of PokerTracker 4.  This is the case in regards to how much information there is and the overall design.  However, the Hold'em Manager forum has many more sub-forums.
This is somewhat due to Hold'em Manager breaking out its main forum and Apps forum into many more categories.  Additionally, there are dedicated support forums for those who wish to chat in German or Russian.
One of the benefits is that it is easy to find where you want to go.  Most of the forums are fairly active, so if you are just interested in one thing, you can easily navigate to it.
The main "Hold'em Manager 2.0" category includes nine mostly active sub-forums ranging from support, sharing configurations, and reporting information about new releases.
My favorite section is "Apps" since I am constantly testing or using for playing many of the software they cover.
The TableNinja II forum is where I visit most since it's where you can see other people's questions and give new ideas on how to use the software.  This is true, in fact, for all of the Apps forums, which also include information about Table Ninja I, SnowieApp, Leak Buster, Table Scanner, SitNGo Wizard, NoteCaddy, and Tilt Breaker. 
NoteCaddy Edge also has a forum I like to visit, which is the only forum under a separate heading: "3rd Party Programs Compatible with HM2 and HM1."  The most trafficked thread in that forum is "NoteCaddy Edge – Custom NoteCaddy Poker Package," where new packages, releases, videos, and other useful information are posted.
It's important to take advantage of your software, and the forums are worthwhile to learn from others and post questions.  So, if you are using PokerTracker 4 or Holdem Manager 2, and haven't checked the forums out yet, do it.

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